Fans Slam Kim Kardashian West For Posting About Her Hair During Quarantine: ‘Kim There’s People Dying’

Kim Kardashian West has come under fire quite a bit lately. Recordings recently leaked of Kanye West’s extended conversation with Taylor Swift, seemingly corroborating Swift’s story that she was left in the dark about most of his lyrics in the song “Famous.”

Now, Kardashian West is trying to move on from it, but her recent Instagram post about dying her hair came under fire, with fans insinuating that it was insensitive in regards to the ongoing pandemic.

Kim Kardashian West
Kim Kardashian West | Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Harper’s Bazaar

Kardashian West’s social media has taken a hit these days

Kardashian West recently came under fire for the Kanye West/Taylor Swift drama that had happened in 2016. To recap, Swift was upset when West released a song that spoke poorly of her (he called her a b*tch). She claimed that she never gave permission for West to say something like that, and that she had a problem with the lyrics. But West and Kardashian West released a video of a recorded phone call with Swift, which essentially framed Swift as having lied about what happened.

Now, four years later, new recordings were leaked that proved Swift had not been lying about never having been informed of certain lyrics. Cue Swift fans taking over Kardashian West’s comments section — on both Twitter and Instagram. People commented and replied under nearly every one of Kardashian West’s photos and tweets, calling her a snake (the term she used to describe Swift when the drama went down in the first place).

Taylor Swift’s fans have inundated Kardashian West’s Instagram comments.

Her recent post had fans suggesting she’s being insensitive

Kardashian West’s Instagram has been overrun by Swift fans, but she can’t seem to catch a break about any post these days. The KKW Beauty founder recently shared a photo of herself with blonde hair; she captioned it, “My hair is gonna be so healthy after this quarantined time. Contemplating dying it blonde when we can have human interaction again.”

Kardashian West’s post didn’t go over too well with her followers. All throughout the comments section, variations of, “Kim, there’s people dying,” filled the photo. (The quote is an iconic line from Kourtney Kardashian, who said it in response to Kardashian West crying over dropping her earring in the ocean back in 2011.)

Some fans loved the idea though, and it might have served as a distraction to some for what’s really going on in the world. People were excited to see Kardashian West return to blonde (maybe). “10/10 agree blonde is the move,” one user wrote. “Platinum Kim >>>>>,” someone else added.

Kardashian West also came under fire for her recent charitable donation

Kardashian West’s social media announcement about donating a portion of Skims sales to charities also did not go over well. She’s been working to bring awareness to causes that help those dealing with various coronavirus-related issues, and she told fans that 20% of her Skims sales will go toward helping people in need during the pandemic. However, fans attacked her for only donating 20% rather than 100%, since Kardashian West is worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

These days, Kardashian West can’t really catch a break, but things will likely blow over. She’s managed to make it out of every scandal she’s been involved in since rising to fame more than a decade ago.