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An article was published suggesting a new law inspired by Christina Hall and Ant Anstead’s son. The former couple has been in a custody battle over the three-year-old for months. Anstead showed support for the potential new law, while Hall slammed the article. Here’s what fans are saying about the HGTV star and the English TV presenter, and what they think of a new law named after their child. 

Ant Anstead and Christina Hall, whose son son inspired a suggested new law called "Hudson's law."
Ant Anstead and Christina Hall | Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

An article suggested a new law named after Christina Hall and Ant Anstead’s son

On Oct. 24, Psychology Today published an article titled “The ‘Reality’ of Kids on Television. The piece centers around HGTV star Christina Hall and her three-year-old son, Hudson. It also mentions other reality stars, such as Bravo’s Garcelle Beauvais and the Gosselin family from Jon & Kate Plus 8

Hall and her ex-husband, Ant Anstead, recently battled for custody of their son. Anstead accused the HGTV star of “exploiting” their toddler on social media by featuring him in sponsored ads. 

“Despite Anstead agreeing to organic family posts being acceptable, Hall revealed, ironically in an Instagram post, that she will no longer use Hudson on her TV shows or any social media,” the article reads. “A win for Hudson, yes, but it denies the courts an opportunity to set new case law and create a precedent for children on reality TV and paid social media. I argue we should not wait for another legal battle to get to court to protect all kids on reality TV and social media. We need a ‘Hudson’s Law’ now.”

Anstead posted the article in his Instagram Stories (which automatically disappear after 24 hours), calling the piece “utterly brilliant.” Hall shared an Instagram post tagging the publication and the author, calling the article “poorly written” and “sloppy journalism/clickbait at its finest.”

Some fans are taking Christina Hall’s side after the ‘Hudson’s Law’ article came out

Christina Hall and Ant Anstead fans are taking sides after the article proposing a new “Hudson’s Law” came out, and many are taking the HGTV star’s side. They discussed the former couple’s reactions to the piece in a Reddit thread.

“Honestly, I was more on Ant’s side but now I feel he’s just going so far,” wrote one fan. “And he looks really bad to me. They both do but Ant is just being a total bully. Talk about monetizing off your kid.”

“I can see why she’s mad,” said another fan. “Though I think kids should be left off of reality TV I don’t think she’s done anything harmful overall. Her kids tag along to her work or are in her home which is all daily life stuff.”

“Ant is being a huge hypocrite attacking her for posting their son on instagram when he does the exact same thing,” one fan wrote. “Then trying to use this as an issue to fight the custody agreement. He’s just fighting to stay relevant and she’s falling for the trap and giving him the public attention he wants.”

And another fan said, “Ant shouldn’t have included the article in his story. If he plans to advocate or sponsor a law protecting kids, move in silence off social media or through the court.”


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Other fans sympathize with Ant Anstead

Not everyone agrees with Christina Hall’s opinion of the article about her son. Several fans sided with Ant Anstead, arguing that the former couple’s son should not be used in paid ads and the English TV presenter is right to support a new law protecting children. 

“The difference is, Ant posts family photos,” said one fan. “Christina uses/used her children to shill products, thus monetizing them without their consent. Ant does not.”

Another fan wrote, “Actually she attacked him and had all her fans March over to his page, he posts family photos of his son big difference from putting him in all her commercials!”

And one fan commented, “Not saying he is right or wrong but his point is Hudson is being used for profit by Christina and he posts for memories.”

Others didn’t choose sides, wishing both stars would keep their family and legal issues private. “They both need to stop and keep it to themselves,” said one fan. “I feel so bad for their son that all of this is up on Instagram.”