Fans Think Kylie Jenner Has Gone Totally Overboard With Her Fillers: ‘You Can Die’

Kylie Jenner is only 22, but she’s already altered her body in so many ways — and fans are becoming concerned. The beauty mogul has relied on fillers to change her appearance, though she says she’s never gone under the knife or had any kind of true plastic surgery. But her face, lips, and butt have all clearly been altered — and fans think she’s gone totally overboard.

Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner | Noam Galai/FilmMagic

Kylie Jenner has said she’s never had plastic surgery

Despite the rumors, Jenner remains adamant that she has never had any true plastic surgery. However, the 22-year-old’s appearance didn’t change naturally. When Jenner was 17, she started receiving lip fillers. Though her mother, Kris Jenner, was against it, she eventually allowed her daughter to do so — and it led to Jenner’s billion-dollar cosmetics brand. Fans wanted to have lips like Jenner, and her Kylie Lip Kits sold out immediately.

It’s been five years since Jenner first started altering her appearance, and she’s gone far beyond her lips. Jenner injects her face with filler, which helps smooth lines and create contour. But fans have noticed how much she’s changed.

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Fans have become increasingly concerned with her appearance

Though Jenner has millions of fans, not everyone is impressed with her appearance. There have been memes about the star, suggesting she’s too plastic and needs to cut back on the filler. Some have commented on her posts asking her to lay off the filler, and some have simply commented that they have noticed her drastic change in appearance through the years. But Jenner doesn’t seem to mind what fans say.

Other members of Jenner’s family have also come under fire for their appearances — Kim Kardashian West has received plenty of facial filler as well, and Khloé Kardashian has been accused of having plastic surgery, though she has never admitted it to fans.

Her recent Instagram video had some suggesting she’s putting herself in danger

Jenner recently posted a video of a girls’ night, and the camera consistently focused on her rear end. While some fans loved the video, others found the size of her butt concerning. “They said on botched you can die from butt filler. The filler or fat can block arteries and you can die. Better not keep risking it,” one fan wrote. Other fans chirped Jenner for her rear end, saying things such as “it’s not real” and “she tries too hard to be cool.” But, once again, there was no comment from Jenner, as she seemingly blocks out any haters.

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Some fans think she’s setting a bad example for young women

Though Jenner has a right to do whatever she wants to her own body, some fans think that she’s setting a bad example for young women. Jenner has created a standard of beauty that’s unattainable without artificial help, and some are unhappy that young girls are looking up to someone like her. “A body like that and a face so much done up at your age isn’t a good thing,” one user wrote. “This is honestly sad that people have to live up to that beauty standard,” someone else commented. “Ridiculous shape,” another person wrote.

Jenner doesn’t seem to mind that some people disagree with her lifestyle, though fans do make a good point that flaunting such unnatural looks could have an effect on the young women who look up to her.