This Pic of Farrah Abraham’s Daughter Have ‘Teen Mom’ Fans Disturbed

Farrah Abraham certainly is no stranger to criticism. The former reality star seems to have a litany of hate on her social media profiles at all times. Abraham has made some questionable choices in the past years, which has led to no small amount of controversy. However, what Abraham receives the most amount of backlash for, is how she chooses to raise her 10-year-old daughter, Sophia. Abraham seems to be mom-shamed on a near-daily basis and now a new picture of her daughter have fans and critics outraged.

Sophia Abraham & daughter Farrah Abraham
Sophia Abraham & Farrah Abraham | Photo by Jacopo Raule/Getty Images

A controversial Instagram photo

Recently, Abraham’s daughter took to her Instagram page to post a picture from a recent photoshoot. However, it didn’t take long for people to express their displeasure for the picture due to the outfit the child is wearing. In the picture, Sophia Abraham is sporting a black cropped sweater that reads “No boyfriend, no problem.” The child also is wearing a noticeable amount of makeup for the shot.

IG fans are concerned about the outfit

Even though the outfit was from a recent fashion show that Abraham’s daughter was in, many people immediately took offense to the outfit. They felt that the wording on the sweater, in particular, was far from age-appropriate and immediately began expressing their displeasure.

“This is disturbing. She’s 10. She should not be wearing these kinds of clothes, makeup, or worried about a “boyfriend” at that age. You really need an intervention from sane minded individuals. AND STOP TYPING AS YOUR DAUGHTER ON THIS PAGE, FARRAH,” one critic wrote, also accusing Abraham of impersonating her daughter.

IG users say the outfit is not age-appropriate

“Exactly..let her be a kid..this is way too mature in my opinion and I wouldn’t let my daughter dress like this at 10…I don’t understand all the people saying it’s ok..,” another concerned person sounded off in agreement. Others implied that Abraham’s daughter was only dressed like this so she could make money. “This outfit is more for. 17 year old !!!! What mother in their right mind would exploit their child like this ??? Oh, Farrah !!! Because she is using her kid for a cash cow now that she is broke !!!!!,” one user exclaimed.

This is far from the first time that people have expressed outrage at the outfits that Abraham allows her daughter to wear. A couple of weeks ago, critics were outraged that the 10-year-old had recorded a video promoting merch in what appeared to be a padded sports bra. However, it seems that Abraham isn’t taking the criticism to heart at all.

Fans defend Abraham and her daughter

Of course, some fans were more than willing to stick up for Abraham and her daughter. “It’s people like this that don’t have nothing to do but write comments so stupid. Why follow this girl if u have nothing to say nice! Just to criticize. Keep it to yourself. You think her mother is going to change or shes going to change because of the comments dumb people say. Worry about your own kids! And if you don’t have kids then u should not be talking,” one fan penned.

Different strokes for different folks

Ultimately, while we understand people having concern for Sophia’s safety, it’s up to Abraham to ensure the well-being of her daughter. Different people have different understandings of what is age-appropriate and critics need to realize that Abraham won’t magically change her way of thinking simply because they express outrage. If that were the case, Abraham would’ve stopped being so controversial years ago.