Farrah Abraham Responds To Claims That She Photoshopped Her Daughter’s Face

Though Farrah Abraham hasn’t been seen on reality TV in years, she still maintains an active online presence. Abraham posts to Instagram and TikTok multiple times a week and shares her life with her loyal fans. But the Teen Mom alum isn’t the only one who is active on social media. Abraham’s 11-year-old daughter, Sophia Abraham, is also very active on popular social channels.

Farrah Abraham and daughter, Sophia Abraham
Farrah Abraham and Sophia Abraham | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Not only does Sophia have social media accounts of her own, Abraham, like many parents, also posts photos and videos of her daughter on her personal accounts. The former reality TV star is constantly promoting her daughter’s extracurricular activities like singing and modeling. Furthermore, the pair frequently record short videos with one another. But a recent photoshoot that they did together caused a bit of speculation.

Farrah Abraham sparks a debate with her latest Instagram photo

On October 1, 2020, Abraham took to her Instagram page to share a photo of herself and her daughter. The two are seated next to each other and smiling softly at the camera. “This October, Halloween 🎃 is ALL MONTH LONG!” Abraham declared in the caption. “Because I’m a cool mom who loves characters! Guess which costume I’ll post first?!? Winner gets $100 🔥the top three who guess right!! Win⚠️ (( HINT: you see it in media every day! )) GOOD LUCK,” Abraham added.

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While some Abraham’s fans were quick to put in their guesses about her upcoming Halloween costume, others were more interested in the picture itself. Some noted that Abraham’s daughter looked different than photos they’ve seen of her in the past and accused Abraham of photoshopping Sophia’s face. “Why does the daughter’s face look so photoshopped,” one Instagram user questioned.

The ‘Teen Mom’ alum denies photoshopping her daughter’s face

Seeing the accusations, Abraham was quick to declare that she didn’t edit her 11-year-old’s face for the photo. “It’s not, 🤣 Sophia is gorgeous as is!” the Teen Mom alum declared. But even though Abraham discounted the rumors, fans weren’t willing to take her at her word. “Girl… I ain’t no hater I’ve always defended u… but Sophia’s face was definitely edited in this picture. Maybe YOU didn’t edit it…but her nose looks so odd. It’s fine to be HONEST, 💞💞” one of Abraham’s fans chimed in.

Other fans agreed that Abraham wasn’t telling the truth. But things got more interesting when the photographer of the picture chose to weigh in and back Abraham’s claims. “You are incorrect,” the photographer declared. “Her daughter’s face was not photoshopped at all. She had a little glam like any girl who wants to dress up and feel pretty for a Photoshoot. I took these photos and Sophia is 100 percent a natural beauty and no photoshop was needed.”

Abraham’s fans don’t believe Sophia’s face wasn’t edited for the photo

But even the photographer’s comments weren’t enough to sway those who believed that Abraham wasn’t being truthful. “Pure denial lmfao,” the fan said, responding to the photographer. “Sophia’s nose doesn’t look the way it does in this picture. She OBVIOUSLY doesn’t need photoshop… so idk why u would edit her face. 🤓 U can’t convince me otherwise. I ain’t blind babe.”

Clearly, nobody on either side of the argument is willing to budge on their opinion. But whether Abraham photoshopped her daughter’s face or not, our only hope in this situation is that Sophia feels healthy, happy, and confident in her own skin.