Farrah Abraham Is Confusing Fans With Posts About Her Daughter, Sophia

These days, Farrah Abraham has become pretty synonymous with harsh criticism. The 29-year-old has been in the spotlight ever since she had her daughter, Sophia Abraham, on national TV thanks to the hit reality show, 16 and Pregnant. Abraham and Sophia got thrust into the spotlight even more when MTV cast them in the spinoff show, Teen Mom, which was even more popular.

Farrah Abraham with her daughter Sophia Abraham
Sophia Abraham and Farrah Abraham | Tasia Wells/Getty Images for EcoLuxe Lounge

Throughout her tenure on Teen Mom, Abraham utilized her platform to release music, write a book, and serve as an influencer. But, her time on the show was cut short after she chose to participate in the adult entertainment industry. Citing that Abraham could no longer represent the family-friendly brand that they were cultivating, Abraham was fired from the show.

Farrah Abraham received criticism during her tenure on ‘Teen Mom’

But, the former reality TV star received her fair share of criticism prior to being fired. Teen Mom fans felt that she often displayed a particularly nasty attitude to her family, friends, castmates, and the show’s crew. Abraham also had a pretty explosive relationship with her own mother while the show was filming, which led to quite a few altercations. But, the biggest criticism seemed to be how Abraham was raising her daughter, Sophia.

The criticism that Abraham has received for her parenting skills hasn’t decreased over time. In fact, concerns for her daughter have only increased in recent years. Fans and critics alike have slammed Abraham for Sophia’s clothing and makeup choices, accused her of leaving the child home alone, and made claims that some of Sophia’s behavior is far from age-appropriate for an 11-year-old.

The reality TV star has chosen to homeschool her daughter

But, perhaps the biggest and most consistent critique that Abraham has received for her daughter surrounds her education. The 11-year-old has been homeschooled for quite a while. According to Abraham, homeschooling gives Sophia the time and flexibility to work on other projects that she is passionate about like social media, modeling, acting, and making music.

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However, some people don’t feel that Abraham’s daughter is getting a proper education through homeschooling. Many people have called out the child’s spelling, grammar, and speaking skills as indicators that she isn’t where she should be educationally. But, despite the criticism, Abraham maintains that being homeschooled is the best choice for Sophia and that she is getting a complete and comprehensive education.

Abraham shares the news that she won’t be sending Sophia back to school

Abraham has been firm that she has no plans to send her daughter back to traditional school. A few months ago, she even made a video for parents offering tips on how to make e-learning more successful. Thanks to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, many parents had to help their kids adjust to learning from home. Now, many are faced with the decision to send their children back to school in the coming months or homeschool them.

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IT’S OFFICIAL @sophialabraham HAS GRADUATED ! Congratulations Sophia! You are off to middle school! WOW! Celebrating this moment with a surprise FaceTime photoshoot with your favorite photographer @danigeddes I’m grateful to see you grow up to a well rounded awesome female who is going to change the world, as your mom who has fought to overcome negative stigmas about windowed teen moms and strived hard to raise a girl who is open to all cultures, stop abuse, stop hate, stop racism,better communication, learning history of hardships before your time and knowing the change in generations of our family that were so needed, not loosing your time to be a child among all the fame, popularity and opportunities you have I’ m blessed you have helped me break the cycle of teen pregnancy, racism, discrimination, enable woman’s voices of all ages to be heard with equality when I see most older generations of men & woman took advantage of widowed, struggling teen mom minority voice (1.96%) of the nation . As part of a one percent minority Sophia thank you for giving me the strength to advocate for teen moms, children of single parents and woman overall. As I feel teen moms and children should never succumb to a mans mediocracy of what a woman should do and thus all woman & children should never dull their shine, nor attack one another for a mans gain to make others feel comfortable the strength & the wisdom God gave me to take responsibility as a mom and dad to do the right thing for our futures I’m so proud and blessed for the learning and change we have progressed to- I hope other woman can find the strength to not shame others due to their short Commings and weaknesses rather increase mindful self awareness & progress as we have! Sophia you know who you are & i’m so proud that your bringing so much good around the globe with your fans in Australia, Canada, America, Asia, Dubai, Greece,etc all from a struggling widowed teen mom in Iowa, GOD IS AMAZING & The only man you need ❤️☀️ LOVE YOU ! & know Your Daddy Derek watches your success & loves you his little angel & All of our family loves you & is beyond proud! Now go enjoy your summer! Middle Schooler

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On July 19, 2020, Abraham took to her Instagram page to share a video of her and Sophia lounging in the pool. She also shared her future plans for her daughter’s schooling, writing that she would not be sending her child back to school. “Spinning hearts 💕 I don’t know about you moms but I’m not sending my child back to school in August – homeschool #safety gets my #vote 🗳 #health #protectyourkids #safetyfirst #backtoschool,” the Teen Mom alum wrote.

Fans and critics express their confusion on Instagram

Naturally, this post confused both critics and fans alike. Since Sophia is homeschooled, Abraham wouldn’t have to make the choice about what to do with her schooling. “Says the person who homeschools her child 🙄…wouldn’t be any different this year for her would it?!?!🤷🏻‍♀️” one person wrote. “I didn’t know she was going to school, I thought you were homeschooling her. It wouldn’t be any different than now,” another person chimed in.

“LMFAOOOO WHEN WAS YOUR DAUGHTER EVER IN SCHOOL??” another questioned. “Wasn’t she homeschooled to begin with?” yet another person chimed in. Clearly, Abraham managed to confused people in her quest to make a relevant post. But, hopefully, she’ll be ensuring the Sophia gets the quality education that she deserves one way or another.