‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham Praises Daughter, Sophia, For Creating Her Own Brand

Farrah Abraham has been catching a lot of heat lately. From posting racy pictures online, to her decision to get plastic surgery and participate in the adult film industry. But one thing the former Teen Mom is consistently under fire for is the way she chooses to raise her ten-year-old daughter, Sophia. Many fans have expressed concerns for Sophia and the seemingly unsupervised access that she has been given to social media platforms. But Abraham seems to think differently. Even though Sophia is three years under the age that Instagram requires for its users, the Ex On The Beach star is proud of her daughter’s social media following and brand.

Farrah Abraham & Sophia Abraham
Farrah Abraham & Sophia Abraham | Photo by Johnny Nunez/WireImage

Sophia Laurent

At just 10 years old, Sophia already has her own business, a children’s boutique store called Sophia Laurent. Though Abraham is insistent that neither she nor Sophia’s grandmother had any influence on the decision for Sophia to start her own business, she clearly had a hand in making it into a reality. But Sophia’s business is only one part of her “brand”. She is also finding a fair amount of success serving as an influencer on Instagram. With over 813,000 followers, she has managed to promote items like vitamins and jewelry to her fans.

But Sophia’s dreams seem to span far beyond being an entrepreneur. She also has hopes of becoming a model and competes in beauty pageants. Abraham recently took to her Instagram to show support of her daughter’s beauty pageant endeavors. In a heartfelt post, she wrote, “Not your typical pageant mom, but I support ladies investing in themselves and becoming a woman of value. Sophia Abraham, congratulations on your win! I love you, I love supporting you, your winning in life and you have had one of the biggest weekends in your life” the 16 and Pregnant star wrote.

Like mother like daughter

But Abraham didn’t stop there. She then proceeded to praise her ten-year-old for her business acumen and listed the many ways she believes that Sophia is creating her own personal brand. “Beyond this pageant, I’m proud of you creating your own brand, taking interviews, meetings, having your on agents, and your own companies – you are self-made and your are 100% you – do not ever change. Cheers to one of your biggest years of success” the adult film star continued.  

It seems a little odd that Abraham is speaking to a ten-year-old like she’s an adult, but we’re not mad at children taking an interest in entrepreneurship as long as they are safe and supervised by an adult. We do wish that people would stop incorrectly using the term “self-made” (looking at you Kylie Jenner) but hey, you can’t win them all.


As for Abraham, we’re hesitant to judge her and other mothers for the way they choose to parent. We are hopeful that Sophia is happy and healthy. As for the underage Instagram page, well, on that we have many theories. Let’s just say that there’s no way a 10-year-old speaks the way that far too many of Sophia’s captions are written.