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Farrah Abraham is no stranger to backlash on Instagram. It seems that every few days, the 28-year-old is called out for putting her foot in her mouth. Recently, Abraham received criticism after she referred to herself as a widow and a bereaved mother as she was commemorating her late ex-boyfriend. As Abraham has neither lost her husband nor her child, fans and critics alike were outraged by the Teen Mom alum’s choice of words.

Farrah Abraham Instagram
Farrah Abraham | Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

Amidst the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic of 2020, Abraham has had her fair share of faux pas. She has neglected the California Stay-At-Home order to participate in a host of non-essential activities. Furthermore, the former reality TV star even shared a video on her Instagram page stating that she “loves coronavirus season.” Now, Abraham has managed to offend people yet again.

Farrah Abraham is selling face masks on Amazon

On May 17, 2020, Abraham took to her Instagram page to promote her latest business venture. As Californians are required by law to wear masks when they leave their homes, Abraham has decided to sell masks of her own. Called Farrah masks, the masks cover one’s nose and mouth and come in an array of colorful designs. Abraham is currently selling them on Amazon.

“…It’s like my burka…it’s like my freedom of expression…it’s like my religion … it’s my life line [sic] … it’s like #takeyobestie to get a mask now because friends don’t let friends, family, coworkers & strangers die. The Farrah masks are here @amazon 😷😷😷 Link in bio &,” Abraham captioned her Instagram video, promoting her masks.

Instagram users slam the ‘Teen Mom’ alum for comparing masks to burkas

Almost immediately, fans and critics began to sound off about Abraham’s choice of words. Many were outraged that she chose to compare a mask to a burka. From her words, it’s clear that Abraham doesn’t truly understand the history or the purpose of burkas. Thus, it was extremely unwise of her to make that particular comparison.

“Why are you comparing a mask to a religious garment? Seems a tad bit disrespectful in my opinion,” one Instagram user questioned Abraham. “Are you high please please please educate yourself before you shoot your mouth off. A burka isn’t a form of expression!!!!” another person chimed in. “It’s like your burka???? Really?” someone else questioned. “Burka seriously??? So disrespectful 😒” yet another person added.

Fans express concern about Abraham’s daughter, Sophia

“I really don’t know where to start with this one. Your own burka you say. You really are totally lacking in any self-awareness aren’t you? You’re a joke,🤮” yet another critic shared. Others cited another way that Abraham’s masks were inappropriate. As her 11-year-old daughter, Sophia Abraham, is seen wearing the c*ckblock mask, fans believe that it wasn’t at all age-appropriate for the child.


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Is the controversy a marketing scheme?

“I truly normally love to support you Farrah but having your daughter wear the c block one was a little too much. Just don’t think any child should have that one on. All the other ones are cute!” one fan wrote. Clearly, Abraham isn’t opposed to using controversy as a marketing tool for her masks. That said, we’d be interested to see how her comments and decision affect her sales.