Farrah Abraham Claps Back to a Critic Who Questions Why Her Shirt Is Off

February 2020 officially marked two years since Farrah Abraham was fired from Teen Mom. But, that’s hardly stopped the 28-year-old from making headlines. The former reality star has kept herself in the spotlight by making polarizing and questionable decisions. Furthermore, people have expressed more and more concern about her 11-year-old daughter, Sophia Abraham, as of late.

Farrah Abraham 2020
Farrah Abraham | JC Olivera/Getty Images

How Farrah Abraham stays relevant in 2020

But, Abraham is no longer taking the criticism lying down. Whereas she’s sometimes ignored negative feedback in the past, in 2020 she seems to be personally responding to a lot more criticism. An example of this comes from a recent video that Abraham posted to her Instagram page. In the video, Sophia dances along to Megan Thee Stallion’s hit song, “Savage.”

Abraham’s latest Instagram video

While the “Bestie Best Friend” artist dances, Abraham dances along in her seat whilst lip-syncing the words. Her dyed pink dog is shown walking over her lap. Furthermore, Abraham is wearing a matching outfit to Sophia’s with the exception of her shirt, which is tied around her neck.

“What’s Happening ?!?! 🤣 #nsfw @mtv @teenmom I can’t help it this ones [sic] for you…funny how it’s all good now as it should of [sic] been day 1 #irony #savage fab fashion by @reindersjm follow @booandcupcake,” Abraham captioned the video, potentially citing how her relationship with MTV is different in 2020 than it was in 2018.

The ‘Teen Mom’ alum claps back to criticism

Of course, Abraham’s video immediately received some negative feedback. One comment that managed to catch the Teen Mom alum’s eye was from a person questioning why she wasn’t wearing a shirt. “Why must you take off your shirt? That little girl is watching every move you make. This video could have been cute had you just worn the shirt. There is a time and a place for that,” the person questioned.

Abraham immediately clapped back to the comment, citing that she was, in fact, wearing a shirt, if not in the traditional way. “I’m wearing a shirt & a bra in case your [sic] blinded by your hate, 🤣💯” the former reality tv star responded. Still, despite Abraham’s response, many people felt recording videos in her bra was inappropriate, especially given the fact that her daughter was around.

Critics accuse Abraham of being a bad mom

“Where is your shirt do you mean you tied it around your neck? It’s not hating to ask the question. You don’t need to take your clothes off and just wear a bra top,” one Instagram user wrote back to Abraham. “She just wants an excuse to have her cleavage on display & is a horrible example of a parent. Sophia is going to need A LOT of therapy,” another person sounded off.

“I don’t think she’s blinded by hate I think she’s trying to say how ridiculous you look in a bra all the while your [sic] teaching YOUR 11-year-old daughter that going on Social media with just a bra on and no shirt is ok which it is not. Kids learn by their parents’ actions remember that when she’s sending or posting pictures you don’t approve of! Yet again. you probably won’t care what she does as long as it gets her some attention? Smdh,” another person chimed in.

Women should wear whatever they want in 2020

While we certainly don’t approve of most things Abraham says or does, it’s 2020 and her body. If she wants to hop on social media in just a bra, that’s entirely her prerogative.