Farrah Abraham Critics Believe She Has a Botched Nose Job; ‘She’s Missing a Nostril’

Every person who has been a public figure would likely agree that there’s a downside to living life in the spotlight. With the arrival of social media, many people feel emboldened to share their every opinion, often under the guise of anonymity. Social media is an especially brutal place for former reality TV star, Farrah Abraham, who fields criticism on Instagram and other social media platforms on a near-constant basis.

Farrah Abraham slammed on Instagram
Farrah Abraham | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Abraham has been in the spotlight for half of her life. She first appeared on the MTV show 16 and Pregnant and its even more popular spinoff, Teen Mom. The show centered around the challenges of raising a child as a teenager. Abraham and her daughter, Sophia, were one of four mother-child pairs that the show followed. In fact, Sophia’s birth was even documented and shown on the show.

Farrah Abraham has stayed in headlines since being fired from ‘Teen Mom’

While on Teen Mom, Abraham utilized her popularity to launch other ventures. She recorded music as well as wrote a book that landed on the New York Times bestseller list. However, her tenure on the show came to a screeching halt following her participation in the adult film industry. Citing that Teen Mom was a family show, the show’s executives fired Abraham as they believed that her life choices weren’t in alignment with the show’s brand or audience.

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But even after Abraham was fired from the show she managed to stay in the headlines. Whether she is posting racy photos on Instagram or calling out her former castmates, the 29-year-old certainly knows how to draw attention to herself. In recent years, she’s tried her hand at becoming an influencer and currently maintains 2.2 million followers on Instagram, though many fans speculate that she purchases her followers.

The former reality star posts a video to Instagram

On January 12, 2020, Abraham took to her Instagram page to share a video with said followers. In the video, she and Sophia talk about snacks and beauty products. “Beauty Night With Cupcake 🧁 Love @bazaarvietnam,” Abraham wrote, captioning the video. “Shout out to cupcake 🧁 in the @bazaarvietnam feature & let’s share our favorite health & Beauty stuff to get 2021 filled with strength, positivity and happiness ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️ enjoy the #2021#harperbazaar cover & article to get you empowered & healthy.”

While Abraham was focused on beauty products, some of her critics seemed to take a particular interest in her face. Citing how different she looks from her days on Teen Mom, many people expressed that she was sporting a botched nose job and that she needed to ease off the fillers and plastic surgery.

Critics slam Abraham for her nose

“Erm..wtf has happened to your nose?!?..stop messing with your face you didn’t need to!!” one person penned on Instagram. “Oh Farrah, half of your mouth doesn’t work right any longer and half of your nostril is straight up missing. Such a tragedy because you were naturally so beautiful before…” another person penned to Abraham. “Nice Botched nose job… she’s missing a nostril,” yet another person shared. “MJ is that you,” someone else added, referencing the late Michael Jackson.

Of course, not everyone took issue with Abraham’s appearance. Some fans praised Abraham for her looks. “Ppl are so mean. You look beautiful,” one person wrote. Clearly, people have mixed opinions about Abraham’s face. But as long as she’s happy with it, we can’t imagine why anyone else cares.