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Teen Mom alum Farrah Abraham has never been one to shy away from making a controversial statement. The 29-year-old rose to fame after she was featured on the popular MTV special 16 and Pregnant and the subsequent spinoff, Teen Mom. But, when Abraham was fired from Teen Mom because she no longer represented the show’s “family-friendly” brand, she had to find other means of staying in headlines.

Teen Mom alum Farrah Abraham
Farrah Abraham | Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

It seems that Abraham has resorted to utilizing the shock value in order to ensure that the media pays attention to her. The former reality TV star doesn’t seem to go a week without stating a polarizing opinion on social media. In the past, she’s referred to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, as 7/11, compared wearing masks to burkas, and made all sorts of other claims that have infuriated fans and critics alike.

Farrah Abraham makes a polarizing statement on Instagram

Abraham’s polarizing social media activity has become so consistent that many people feel that she only does it to stay in headlines. Of course, the statements earn the Teen Mom alum plenty of criticism, but that hasn’t stopped her from making them. On July 15, 2020, Abraham took to her Instagram page to share another odd thought that had plenty of people outraged.

In the photo, Abraham seems to be sitting astride a horse and posing for the camera. “I miss cowboy & Indian movies… makes me wonder why I don’t see more native american’s [sic] in more tv & film.. something to work on next, 📣” Abraham commented. Naturally, fans took issue with this comment given the problematic nature of said films. After seeing Abraham’s statements, many people felt the need to attack Abraham’s intelligence.

Critics slam the ‘Teen Mom’ alum for her statement

“How stereotypical, borderline cultural appropriation, and straight up unintelligent of a post can you make. Jesus,” one person commented. “Indians are from India 👍🏼 you could just post a picture without blasting your ignorance to everyone,” another Instagram user chimed in. “Trying to sound intelligent. Failing at that too, 🤣🤣” yet another person declared. “Tryna sound woke yet you’re referring to ‘cowboy and Indian’ movies??? Girl bye,” another critic penned.

Others felt it prudent to correct the former Teen Mom on her grammar. Noting that she used an apostrophe, they questioned her ability to properly educate her 11-year-old daughter, Sophia Abraham, who is homeschooled. “Homeschooling tip – remove the apostrophe in Americans. It is not needed for that sentence. It is not showing possession,” one person declared.

Abraham critics accuse her of being ignorant

“It’s not Native American’s, it’s Americans. I wish you had learned proper English since you ‘teach’ your daughter….yeah right. Poor girl is doomed. You are a piece of work. Not a good one. Please get back to your escort job. It’s all you know…,” another critic wrote about Abraham. Some people were less interested in attacking Abraham for her lack of knowledge and more interested in educating her. They began to comment some of the reasons that the movies she missed watching so much were, in fact, problematic.


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“Actually Native Americans were portrayed so negatively in the old Cowboy and Indian themed movies,” one person wrote to Abraham. “100% right!! They were often played by white people in darker makeup to appear Native!!’ another person added. “Yep and called ‘savages’ and had these dumb voices to imitate them. They didn’t like it at all,” yet another person co-signed. Clearly, people were not thrilled by Abraham’s post. We can only hope that she learns more about the history of the films and does better in the future.