Farrah Abraham Shocks Critics With Her Age in an Instagram Post

It’s fair to say that Farrah Abraham grew up in the public eye. At age 16 she was cast in the popular MTV show,16 & Pregnant. Following the success of that show, she was also cast in the wildly popular spinoff series, Teen Mom. The show followed Abraham (and three other young mothers) doing their best to raise their kids despite their young age. In fact, Abraham’s daughter was even born on MTV and the pair are both seeking careers in the entertainment industry at present.

Farrah Abraham age 29 wears a lacy black gown and a face mask under her chin
Farrah Abraham | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Though Abraham was fired from Teen Mom a few years back, thanks to her involvement in the adult entertainment industry, she still finds herself in headlines on occasion. Furthermore, she still maintains a fan base who are interested in her day-to-day life. On Instagram, Abraham boasts 2.6 million fans and she frequently keeps them updated via photos and videos. Recently, Abraham made a post to celebrate her birthday. However, some critics were shocked when they discovered her age.

Farrah Abraham celebrated her birthday on Instagram

“30 has arrived,” Abraham captioned her video collage. “R.I.P 20’s. I want to thank the universe for making it a dream twenties for me, never could of [sic] made this decade up in my wildest dreams. I thank the world for making it so hard for me & never letting me sleep! One hell of a year & one hell of a decade in my 20’s that I lived every second of. My family made a collage over the years & I showed some of past birthdays & some of my in-between moments. Thank you to all of my family for your love , support near or far it’s heard and seen.”

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Continuing on, Abraham praised her fans as well as herself. “Thank you to the supporters of mine all around our globe that have made all my years worth it and for a purpose,” she penned. “I thank God for getting me through this past decade, I worked hard on mental health, breaking cycles for teen moms, consent culture, and equality for woman, and filled with all emotions, all feelings & a trillion learning experience. I’m one survivor thank will never stop, I’ve grown in so many ways, it’s all gonna be ok, alive and thriving with a new 30th chapter ahead that will take the cake.”

Some critics believe the ‘Teen Mom’ alum doesn’t look her age

Of course, some of Abraham’s fans quickly wished her a happy birthday and were happy to celebrate her new age. “Love you, Farrah!” Abraham’s father, Michael, commented in the comments of his daughter’s Instagram post. “Happy 30th birthday to my wonderful dear daughter.” However, some critics weren’t so kind and expressed shock about Abraham’s age. “Damn girl I forgot you were still young,” one person wrote. “Looking more like 40 but happy birthday!” Another Instagram user also added that they felt Abraham didn’t look her age. “Omg 😳 I am 41 and she looks a hell of a lot older than me, Farrah you look 45+.” Another critic also felt compelled to comment about Abraham. “30 going on 75.”

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Naturally, some of Abraham’s fans rushed to her defense against her critics. “All you people need to leave Farrah alone,” one person declared. “She is a super great person and a great mother.” While some people may be surprised that Abraham is only 30, she seems more than content with her new age. It’ll be interesting to see if she returns to reality TV in her new decade of life.