‘FBI TV Show’: Things Get Tense Between Maggie and OA

This week on FBI, Maggie and OA seem to be on thin ice. Maggie’s boyfriend is involved in an investigation, and things aren’t going smoothly. The team investigates the shooting of two people at a quinceañera (a 15th birthday party), and there is a disagreement about how the case is being handled. Here’s what’s happening this week on FBI.

What’s happening this week on ‘FBI’

Zeeko Zaki and Missy Peregrym on 'FBI' | Michael Parmelee/CBS via Getty Images
Zeeko Zaki and Missy Peregrym on ‘FBI’ | Michael Parmelee/CBS via Getty Images

During FBI Season 3, Episode 4, (titled “Crazy Love”), the team looks into a shooting at a young girl’s 15th birthday party. They don’t believe the two victims were the intended targets. The father of the young girl tells OA he thinks the shooting was racially motivated. Maggie is placed in a difficult situation when the team makes a decision about the best plan for using a witness to capture a suspect.

Things get tense between OA and Maggie

The case gets delayed for five days after Nestor, Maggie’s (Missy Peregrym) boyfriend, makes a special request. However, OA (Zeeko Zaki) doesn’t think this is the right call. He and Maggie get into a heated exchange because of the decision. OA thinks Maggie’s judgment is clouded because she’s dating Nestor.

“He is trying to protect a killer, Maggie, so he can make a big arrest,” says OA. “No, he wants to do his job, follow orders, and protect his case,” Maggie replies. After OA says he thinks Maggie’s feelings for Nestor are affecting her ability to make sound decisions, she says she was going to say the same thing about him. OA says he just wants justice for the victims, but Maggie doesn’t respond the way OA was hoping. When she won’t budge on the decision, OA decides to talk to Isobel.

Guest stars on this week’s ‘FBI’

Valentina is played by Cinthya Carmona and Jose Martinez is played by Andrew Casanova. Carmona is known for her appearances in The Tax Collector, Greenhouse Academy, and East Los High. Casanova has made appearances in For Life, FBI: Most Wanted, Blue Bloods, and Chicago Med.

What happened during ‘FBI’ Season 3, Episode 3

During FBI Season 3, Episode 3(titled “Liar’s Poker”),Antonio Vargas, the head of a drug cartel and one of the most wanted men in the world, was taken down by the FBI. He’s the head of the Durango cartel, and he was responsible for killing an FBI agent 7 years ago.

What comes next sends shockwaves through the agency. Antonio’s associates threaten the FBI in an attempt to secure his freedom. Isobel is placed in the eye of the storm. She’s forced to go against her conscience or risk the career she has spent years building.

The FBI is having difficulty getting cooperation from one of the criminals involved in the terror plot. He tells Maggie and OA if Antonio isn’t released and people don’t die, his family will be killed. He says he has no choice, and he won’t provide any information.

FBI Season 3 Episode 4 will air Sunday on CBS at 10:00 p.m.

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