‘FBoy Island’s’ Garrett Morosky is Dating Jake Paul’s Ex Mia Francis

FBoy Island made quite the splash on HBO Max this summer as a new reality TV dating show. A different take on the typical reality dating shows we’ve seen before like The BachelorFBoy Island gave three women the chance to weed out the “FBoys” from the nice guys. Created by Elan Gale and hosted by Nikki Glaser, the show has already been renewed for a second season.

The villain of FBoy Island Season 1 was definitely Garrett Morosky. Morosky made waves with his bold move of dumping Sarah Emig, the woman who chose him in the finale and instead choosing to take the $100,000 cash prize for himself. He’s continued to keep himself in the spotlight since the show ended on Aug. 9.

'FBoy Island's' Garrett Morosky looking shocked in a black turtleneck.
‘FBoy Island’ contestant Garrett Morosky | HBO Max

Garrett Morosky is now dating Mia Francis

Since the show ended, Morosky and Emig have been on a roller coaster of a relationship. One week he’s apologizing, the next, she’s saying she won’t accept it, and then the next, they’re busted hanging out.

Now, things look to have taken a turn yet again. TMZ is reporting that Morosky is officially dating Jake Paul’s ex, Mia Francis. Apparently, Morosky and Emig were on a double date with Too Hot to Handle’s Harry Jowsey and Mia Francis. Francis and the “FBoy” saw sparks, and the rest is history.

According to TMZ, however, Morosky hasn’t broken the news to Emig yet. “We’re told Garrett hasn’t had “the talk” with Sarah just yet. Our sources say Garrett plans on publicly apologizing to her … again. As for why things didn’t work out for them — Sarah lives in Cincinnati, and we’re told the long-distance dating just wasn’t realistic.”

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Who is Mia Francis?

Francis is an American Instagram model and content creator. She’s also amassed a following on OnlyFans and boasts over a million followers on Instagram. She was previously linked to former YouTube star turned boxer Jake Paul, but the two split earlier in 2021.

There was also some drama between Paul and Jowsey when Francis was dating them both at the same time. However, according to TooFab, the Too Hot to Handle star wasn’t aware she was dating Paul when he slid into her DMs.

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Is this why the ‘FBoy Island’ villain challenged Jake Paul to a fight?

Seemingly out of nowhere a couple of weeks ago, Morosky challenged Jake Paul to a boxing match. Morosky, who has no previous boxing experience, said he would take the proper training needed to participate in the fight, but it still seemed odd. 

Now the challenge is beginning to make more sense. Francis’ previous relationship with Paul could be a jumping-off point for some underlying anger between the two. 

Paul has had some success in the ring, recently beating former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley. The win was decided via split decision, but a win is a win. Whether or not Paul will actually fight Morosky remains to be seen. However, we’re sure FBoy Island fans would be lining up to see it go down. We could probably guess who Emig is rooting for.

Fans can enjoy rewatching season 1, but no premiere date is set for FBoy Island Season 2. All episodes are currently streaming on HBO Max.