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Fans of the hit reality TV dating show FBoy Island, rejoice! FBoy Island Season 2 will grace television screens around the world.

HBOMax didn’t take long to renew the smash hit from series creator Elan Gale. The finale aired less than a week before the decision was announced. Of course, with the show being HBOMax’s biggest reality show, it’s no surprise the network opted for a second season so quickly. Here’s what we know so far.

Peter Park in a khaki vest, no shirt and cargo shorts on 'FBoy Island' Season 1.
“FBoy” Peter Park in Limbro on ‘FBoy Island’ Season 1 | Photo by Julie Corsetti/HBOMax

How does ‘FBoy Island’ work?

The latest reality tv dating show took the concept of The Bachelor and turned it on its head. Three female contestants have 24 men to choose from. The catch is that some of these men are self-proclaimed “nice guys,” and the others are self-proclaimed “FBoys.” It’s up to the women to figure out who is who.

Like with other dating shows, there are challenges for the contestants to compete in and a cash prize at the end. However, if there is one rule the show made abundantly clear, it’s that there are no rules.

How season 1 kept contestants on their toes

There was no shortage of twists and turns in season 1. For one, the show had all the remaining men announce their status of “nice guy” or “FBoy” halfway through the season. This seemed to defeat the purpose of the women’s task of trying to decipher which category the men fell into. 

Gale sat down with AV Club and spoke about his reason behind that decision. “We wanted to give the women enough time to get to know the men without having those statuses necessarily be the only thing they know about them, but also make sure they had enough time on the back half of the season to consider the statuses the men came in as. Adding that data point to their decision-making was important. I feel good about where that happened in this season. I think it was just enough time to get to know the guys, but not too much that they could become completely and totally devastatingly in love with someone only, because that would be upsetting to go all the way to the end and never know.”

How contestants won the cash prize also had a twist. Garrett Morosky played the show as an “FBoy” the entire time. Morosky managed to convince Sarah Emig he had changed for the better only to choose to take the cash prize for himself and break off the relationship with Emig. However, after Morosky announced his decision, host Nikki Glaser told everyone that Morosky actually had to donate the money to a charity of Emig’s choosing.


‘FBoy Island’: Sarah Emig Won’t Accept Apology from Garrett Morosky

What we know about ‘FBoy Island’ Season 2

With HBOMax just announcing the renewal for season 2, not much is known. According to HBOMax, Glaser is returning as host. “I couldn’t be happier about returning to FBOY ISLAND for season two. The only downside is that it confirms my greatest fear: that there are more than 12 Fboys on planet earth.”

Gale has expressed interest in expanding the universe to include “FGirls,” but nothing is set in stone so far. While fans wait for another season, they can rewatch all of season 1 on HBOMax until their hearts are content.