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HBO Max tried its hand at reality TV dating shows last summer, and FBoy Island Season 2 returned on July 14, 2022. The show tasks three women with weeding out the Nice Guys from the FBoys in a group of around 24 different men. Mercedes Knox is one of those men, but is he an FBoy or a Nice Guy? Here’s everything you need to know about Mercedes, including his Instagram, age, real job, and more.

'FBoy Island' Season 2 stars Mercedes Knox, seen here with Benedict Polizzi wearing a yellow and red shirt.
‘FBoy Island’ Season 2 stars Mercedes Knox

Who is Mercedes Knox from ‘FBoy Island’ Season 2?

FBoy Island Season 2 star Mercedes arrived in the original group of men in the first episode. He quickly zeroed in on Louise Barnard, one of the three leads this season, and she felt a spark with the Dallas, Texas, native.

According to People, “Mercedes is passionate about fashion design and modeling and likes to go out drinking with friends on the weekends.”

As for why Mercedes joined the show, he said that “it was a great opportunity to have a fun summer and possibly meet the girl of his dreams.”  

FBoy Island Season 2’s Mercedes made a splash in the first few episodes with his determination to win. This meant throwing his fellow cast members under the bus to get them out of his way.

How old is Mercedes Knox, and what does he do for a living?

Mercedes is 25 years old and works in human resources in Dallas. We did a little more snooping and found his LinkedIn profile. 

The About section on the page reads, “Dynamic Human Resources professional bringing 5 years of experience providing guidance on human resources topics and challenges. Committed to supporting recruiting, as well as developing, engaging, and retaining talented staff. Sophisticated in communicating and collaborating effectively by relying on excellent interpersonal skills, outstanding customer service, and solid expertise in human resources management.”

Where to find Mercedes Knox on Instagram, TikTok, and more

FBoy Island Season 2 fans wanting to look further into Mercedes’ personal life, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Mercedes sports a decent following on Instagram with over 21,000 followers, and his handle is @MercedesKnoxx. Photos on his profile show the reality TV personality out and about with friends at nightclubs, showing off some expensive cars, and modeling his fashion style. Fans will also catch promos from his time on FBoy Island Season 2. This includes images with Niko Pilalis and Danny Louisa.

Mercedes’ TikTok has over 50,000 followers. His most recent videos highlight some of his time on FBoy Island Season 2. The rest feature the typical TikTok fare. 

If Instagram and Twitter aren’t your social media platforms of choice, you can always turn to Twitter. However, Mercedes seems to mainly retweet fans talking about the show and doesn’t seem as active on Twitter as Instagram and TikTok.


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What’s Mercedes Knox’s status on ‘FBoy Island’ Season 2?

Louise falls hard and fast for Mercedes in the first six episodes. He’s definitely giving fellow cast member Benedict Polizzi a run for his money. However, for now, it looks like Benedict has the upper hand. In FBoy Island Season 2 Episode 6, all the remaining men reveal whether they came on the show as FBoys or Nice Guys. Mercedes announced he applied for FBoy Island Season 2 as an FBoy while Benedict came out as a Nice Guy.

Tune in on Thursday, July 28, for the next two episodes of FBoy Island Season 2.