‘FBoy Island’ Season 2 Star Danny Louisa Was ‘Completely Shocked’ When [SPOILER] Won [EXCLUSIVE]

The HBO Max unscripted hit series, FBoy Island Season 2, premiered the final two episodes on Aug. 4, 2022, and the trio of women made their final decisions. Mia Emani Jones had a tough choice as she decided between two FBoys – Danny Louisa and Peter Park. Danny recently stopped by Showbiz Cheat Sheet and said her decision shocked him.

[WARNING: This article contains detailed plot spoilers regarding ‘FBoy Island’ Season 2 and Danny Louisa.]

'FBoy Island' Season 2 star Danny Louisa sits next to Mia Emani Jones on a couch.
‘FBoy Island’ Season 2 star Danny Louisa connected with Mia Emani Jones. | Photograph by Hassen Salum/HBO Max

‘FBoy Island’ Season 2 star Danny Louisa went on the show to truly find a connection

In FBoy Island Season 2 Episode 6, all of the remaining men revealed whether or not they came on the show as Nice Guys or FBoys. Mia, unfortunately, connected with all FBoys, including Danny. However, Danny’s for receiving the FBoy label wasn’t remotely similar to any of the other FBoys on the show. Danny explained to Mia that his past relationships caused him to put some walls around him, leading to him dating around. These weren’t typical one-night stands, though.

“It’s not the fact that I’m out sleeping around. It’s just that I’m out, I’m dating, I’ll go on dates with women. If I don’t see a relationship or a connection there, I don’t take it to the intimate level, and I won’t take them on another date. I’m just like, ‘You know, okay, well, maybe we’re better off as friends.’ I guess in today’s generation, that would put me in an FBoy category because I do go on multiple, you know, dinner dates,” the Staten Island native explained.

Danny added, “It’s hard to trust people after you get if you put your whole heart into something and it backfires on you. So now it’s one of those things where I’d rather be more cautious than just settle down into another relationship again.”

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Danny Louisa was ‘completely shocked’ when Mia Emani Jones chose Peter Park in the ‘FBoy Island’ Season 2 finale

Mia and Danny shared several intimate moments throughout FBoy Island Season 2, including an incident where Mia needed medical attention due to an anxiety attack. She asked Danny to stand by her side for comfort. Mia stated early in the season that she developed a crush on Peter after watching him on FBoy Island Season 1. However, to several people, it seemed as though her connection with Danny was stronger. Mia even shocked Danny when she ultimately chose to pursue a relationship with Peter in the FBoy Island Season 2 finale.

“There was no doubt in my mind that I was ready. I was completely, completely shocked when she said Peter’s name,” Danny confessed.

The FBoy Island Season 2 star also believes that producers wanted Mia to choose Peter, which worked against Danny. He told us, “Mia had this crush on Peter since season one. So it was that fan girl meets her celebrity crush, and it’s nice. So they did want that Peter and Mia situation from the beginning.”

Danny Louisa says he’d still ‘love to be by Mia Emani Jones’ side’

With the show’s finale premiering so recently, neither Mia nor Peter have given statements regarding the state of their current relationship. However, Danny has spoken to Mia since FBoy Island Season 2 finished filming.

“We all live down here [Miami, Florida],” Danny tells us. “And Mia’s now currently doing her schooling in West Palm Beach, which is on the East Coast, but it’s just like an hour or two out from Miami. So the girls, they come to my club a lot. I take care of them. I see Mia, I see Tamaris, and I see Louise a good amount. But romantically, it’s kind of been one of those things where, you know, I see her out, she’s gorgeous. Yeah, I would love to be by her side. But unfortunately, the way everything ended, it’s hard.”

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