‘FBoy Island’ Season 2: Who Does Tamaris Choose in the Finale?

HBO Max dropped the final two episodes of FBoy Island Season 2 on Aug. 4, 2022. The three leading ladies – Louise Barnard, Mia Emani Jones, and Tamaris Sepulveda – made their final decisions on whether or not they would choose an FBoy or a Nice Guy. Tamaris was the last to make her decision, and it came down to either Niko Pilalis or Casey Johnson. So, who does Tamaris choose in the FBoy Island Season 2 finale? Keep reading to find out.

'FBoy Island' Season 2 star Tamaris Sepulveda standing next to a large column in a formal gown. Who did Tamaris choose in the finale?
So, who did Tamaris choose in the ‘FBoy Island’ Season 2 finale? | Photograph by Hassen Salum/HBO Max

‘FBoy Island’ Season 2 host Nikki Glaser introduced one final twist before the final elimination ceremony

In the FBoy Island Season 1 finale, FBoy Garrett Morosky chose to take the entirety of the $100,000 cash prize for himself instead of splitting it with Sarah Emig. However, Glaser stepped in at the last second and told Garrett the joke was on him. Instead of getting the money, he had to donate all of it to the charity of Sarah’s choosing. Some fans believed the producers ultimately screwed Garrett over as he played the game according to his instructions.

In FBoy Island Season 2, Glaser made it clear up front that if the men chose to keep all of the money for themselves, they would indeed walk away with $100,000. Glaser told the truth, but she later revealed one more trick up her sleeve. Before the final elimination ceremony, Glaser explained to the women they now had a third option. If they didn’t feel strongly enough about either of their last two men, they could choose to accept the money for themselves.

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Who did Tamaris Sepulveda choose in the ‘FBoy Island’ Season 2 finale?

Tamaris shook things up during episode 8’s “Mansplain.” During the “Mansplain,” all of the previously eliminated men return to spill every last ounce of tea about each of the women’s remaining men. Tom Carnifax and Casey sat in the hot seat in front of the men as Tamaris’ final two. However, she wasn’t feeling a very strong connection with Tom. After confessing his love for her and his desire to get married, she explained that marriage was never part of her long-term plan. She then chose to eliminate Tom on the spot and give Niko a chance to return and win her over. He gladly accepted the invitation, and the couple embarked on a 24-hour mega-date to make up for the missed time.

In the FBoy Island Season 2 finale, Tamaris was up last to announce her decision. Glaser gave Niko a chance to explain why he thought he was the best choice for Tamaris. Niko’s sweet speech talked about some of the traits he admired most in Tamaris, from her pink hair to her career-driven mindset. He ended his monologue by asking her, “Tamaris, will you please choose us?”

During Casey’s speech, he talked about how close he and Tamaris grew throughout their time on FBoy Island Season 2. He wrapped things up by saying, “Happiness is only happiness when it’s shared, and I want to share my happiness with you.”

When it came time for Tamaris to make her decision, she hesitated before creating the most jaw-dropping moment of the season. Tamaris chose herself in the FBoy Island Season 2 finale. She decided to take the money and keep it all to herself, much to Casey and Niko’s dismay.

Tamaris Sepulveda is the show’s very first FGirl

After Tamaris made her decision to keep the money for herself, she announced to everyone that she came on FBoy Island Season 2 as an FGirl.

She told everyone, “Niko, I feel like you can’t handle me, and our lives can’t mesh together. Casey, you’re really good with your words and you have opened up to me, but I’m not sure if you’re being honest. I choose myself; I can’t be anyone’s girl! I came here as an… FGirl.”

Thus ends another season of FBoy Island. Keep your ears open for new installments in the FBoy Island universe right here at Showbiz Cheat Sheet.

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