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If you’ve been keeping up with FBoy Island Season 2 on HBO Max, then you no doubt know that the kind of the FBoys, Garrett Morosky, returns in all of his evil glory. Fans watched in season 1 as Garrett chose to keep all the money for himself in the finale instead of splitting it with Sarah Emig. Host Nikki Glaser didn’t let him get away with it and told him he had to donate it to Sarah’s choice of charity, but we all saw him for the snake he was. However, Casey Johnson and Garrett return in FBoy Island Season 2 and think Peter Park is the actual snake. So, why do Casey and Peter have beef?

'FBoy Island' contestant Casey Johnson wearing a light blue tshirt has an issue with Peter Park
‘FBoy Island’ Season 2 stars Casey Johnson and Peter Park don’t like one another. | Julie Corsetti/HBO Max

‘FBoy Island’ Season 2 star Peter Park called Casey Johnson out in episode 4

In FBoy Island Season 2 Episode 4, the men participate in an event known as the “Douche Tank.” Glaser asks the men questions while sitting under a bucket of water. The three women leads this season, Mia Emani Jones, Louise Barnard, and Tamaris Sepulveda decide whether or not they’re telling the truth. If they believe them, they stay nice and dry. If they think they’re lying, they get a bucket of water dumped on their heads.

Glaser asked Peter if he believed any of the men participating in FBoy Island Season 2 would ditch their dates, take the $100,000 prize, and run. Peter immediately answered, “Respectfully, I’m going to have to say, Casey.”

Casey defended himself by saying, “Bro, I literally split the money last year,” but that wasn’t enough for Peter. When Glaser asked if Peter believed Casey had regressed into his former FBoy ways, Peter replied, “Maybe he wants more money.”

In a confessional, Casey tells producers, “Very immature thing for Peter to say. Last year on the island, I chose to split the money with CJ, and I was an FBoy. See ya back in Limbro, because God knows you’re still a f******.”

Peter Park messaged Casey Johnson’s ex-girlfriend while they were still together

After the Douche Tank, Mia pulls Casey aside to see how he feels about Peter. Casey seems honest with her as he says, “I know you’re starting to have feelings for Peter. You’re friends with Tamaris, and it’s important you’re happy as well as she is, but this past year I did have a girlfriend. I was seeing someone, and he knew that. He knowingly reached out to my girlfriend and he was inferring that he could treat her better than I could.”

After a brief clip of Peter saying he believed Casey only wanted to jeopardize his relationship with Mia, Casey continued. “And for me, he was someone I considered a friend, and I would never do that to a friend.”


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Garrett Morosky starts drama with Peter Park in ‘FBoy Island’ Season 2 Episode 5

Even though Casey supposedly has beef with Peter, Garrett needlessly inserts himself into the conversation. After showing up to pull Casey away for a bro-chat on the beach, Garrett returns to the mansion. He attempts to sway the ladies into thinking he’s no longer an FBoy, but nobody believes him. After he walks away from the women, Garrett yells out Peter’s name, and the two exchange heated words.

“I don’t even know how you’re still f****** here. I heard you were a snake. You’re a snake; you’re saying certain things about Casey and stuff like that. I mean, saying that he’s here just for the money. It seems like you’re more focused on Casey than you are about your girl. And from knowing you, bro, and from knowing the s*** that you’ve done and pulled on me when it came to Sarah-” Garrett said before Peter cut him off.

After saying Garrett’s lying about everything, Peter angrily tells Garrett to leave the mansion. Finally, Garrett gets the hint and takes a hike, but will he return to start even more drama? There are still two more episodes of FBoy Island Season 2. Fingers crossed, we get to the bottom of Casey and Peter’s issues.