‘Fear Street’ Fans Brainstorm Netflix Trilogy Spinoffs, Some Including These R.L. Stine Books

Please, Netflix, may we have some more? The Fear Street trilogy has concluded, but many fans feel the series has potential for a few spinoffs. After all, the slasher films were loosely based on R.L. Stine’s book series, which contains more than 50 titles. There must be something the Fear Street creators can use, right?

Some Fear Street fans already know exactly what they’d want to see in the future. Here are some of the most popular spinoff ideas.

[Spoiler alert: The following story contains spoilers for Fear Street Part 3: 1666.]

Kiana Madeira and Gillian Jacobs in 'Fear Street Part 3: 1666'
Kiana Madeira and Gillian Jacobs in ‘Fear Street Part 3: 1666’ | Netflix

‘Fear Street’ trilogy uncovered the truth of the Shadyside Curse

The Fear Street trilogy followed the story of Shadyside, a town that has been under the influence of a witch’s curse for 300 years. According to the legend, the alleged witch, Sarah Fier, possessed a Shadyside resident every few years and sent them on a killing spree, turning the town into the Killer Capital of the U.S. Nine killers were reported between 1666 and 1994.

Anyone who bled on Sarah Fier’s grave became the target of an undead army of Shadyside killers. That’s what happened to a young teen named Sam (played by Olivia Scott Welch) in 1994, but her girlfriend, Deena (Kiana Madeira), wouldn’t let the killers take Sam’s life. Along with her brother Josh (Benjamin Flores Jr.), Deena set out on a quest to discover the truth of the curse and bring it to an end.

Many ‘Fear Street’ fans want to see the films expand to a TV show

Out of the nine killers mentioned in the Fear Street trilogy, only a few of them received screen time. On Reddit, many fans have expressed their interest in seeing more of the killers’ backstories in a Fear Street spinoff series. One user suggested an anthology series where each season focuses on a different Shadyside killer.

With this idea, the seasons could follow the killers’ lives leading up to the day the witch marked them for possession and showcase their massacres. Alternatively, a more brief anthology series could dedicate one episode to each Shadyside killer.

Other fans have asked for a series that more closely follows the Fear Street book series. While the Netflix trilogy did draw some inspiration from the books, director Leigh Janiak considered the films to be a very loose adaptation. One fan suggested a TV adaptation of the Fear Street Cheerleaders books, which sees Shadyside High School cheerleaders become victims of mysterious accidents.

Finally, another Fear Street spinoff idea takes on a Riverdale approach. Much like the CW series, the show would follow Shadyside High School students and their feud with Sunnyvale kids. Now that the curse on Shadyside has been lifted, it might be interesting to see how Sunnyvale’s luck has changed.

Director Leigh Janiak has ‘ideas’ for future installments

Janiak has not yet confirmed if the Fear Street series will continue. However, she did tell Collider that she has “ideas” for the future, especially after the twist in the post-credits scene, which saw a pair of hands take the witch’s book.

The director didn’t share what ideas she has in mind, but she did reveal that she could see a spinoff exploring one of Fear Street‘s other killers: the Humpty Dumpty Killer.

“He was in the original script. I put him in there, and I kind of had this really interesting backstory that I started thinking about, about a guy that was killing people and taking their body parts and making new people out of them,” she told the publication. “Like sewing things together, like Humpty Dumpty putting things back together again. And then I just didn’t quite know what era it made sense for him to live in and what it was, and I was kind of like secretly, there’s a lot to have happen here. Maybe we’ll deal with this in another movie.”

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