Fellow Comedian Says Loni Love Influenced Tamar Braxton’s Firing From ‘The Real’

The fallout from Tamar Braxton’s firing from the FOX daytime talk show The Real is still heavy four years later. Braxton was let go from the show after three seasons and has spoken publicly about believing Loni Love was behind it. Love has vehemently denied Braxton’s allegations, but a former friend and business partner of Love’s tells a different story.

The hosts of 'The Real'
The hosts of ‘The Real’ 2016 | Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

Tamar Braxton alludes to co-hosts of ‘The Real’ being behind her firing

Popular blogger Love B. Scott was the first to report that Braxton was fired from The Real in 2016. According to the post, the network felt that Braxton was difficult to work with. Sources also claimed that Braxton’s big personality was a turn off to major advertisers and that she did not read well with audiences during a focus group. 

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A devastated Braxton posted a lengthy Instagram post, alluding to her former colleagues playing a role in her termination. 

“I have been stabbed in the back by someone I stupidly trusted (not my man or my sisters),” she wrote in part. “I am not about to be tried and tested to snitch and it’s not in good taste to tell you who…”

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Braxton also broke down in a scene that was filmed for her WeTV reality series, Braxton Family Values, and said that she was told by the network that she was let go because she did not get along with the other hosts. 

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Rumors spread that Love was the culprit and the comedian faced severe backlash as a result. 

Loni Love denies she was involved in Tamar Braxton’s firing

Love took to YouTube in a seven-minute video to deny that she was involved in Braxton’s departure. She insisted the hosts were all blindsided by Braxton’s firing and hurt that she was no longer part of the ensemble. Love also alleged that she reached out to Braxton multiple times but that Braxton refused to take any of her calls or messages.

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When the hosts appeared on The Breakfast Club, Love offered an alternative reason as to why Braxton believed that she was part of her firing. According to Love, Braxton confided in her that she was seeking to terminate her business relationship with her now ex-husband, Vincent Herbert, and desperately wanted a new manager. Love says that she suggested a talent manager to Braxton and when Herbert found out, he blamed Love in the aftermath of Braxton’s firing. 

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Braxton stood by her belief that Love specifically had a hand in the whole ordeal. 

Comedian Cookie Hull says Loni Love influenced Tamar Braxton’s firing

Hull and Love met while they were both touring as comics and established a working relationship. Hull says they became close friends after working together on a tour and that she helped Love within her comedy career and wrote many of Love’s jokes.

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She says the relationship with Love became distant when she realized Love was malicious in business and often times sabotaged others around her to get to the top. Hull told the host of the YouTube channel Comedy Hype that she witnessed Love do just that to Braxton while they co-hosted The Real together.

“She told me that she was going to try to get her off of the show,” Hull alleges. “She told me that she wanted to be the only ghetto girl on the show and she wanted to get rid of her.” 

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Hull says that Love showed her an email that Love sent to producers of the show regarding Braxton’s absence when she filmed other projects. The email allegedly mentioned that while Braxton was competing on Dancing With The Stars, Love wrote that there was no shift in the talk show’s ratings. 

Hull says Love took things a step further when she emailed the network while Braxton was out on medical leave and referenced the star being an “insurance liability.” While Hull admits that Love doesn’t have hiring or firing power at the show, she believes that Love influenced the network’s final decision to not have Braxton return.

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Hull claims that one of Braxton’s now-deleted Instagram posts proves her point. “A comedian friend of mine, we happened to be talking about it [Braxton’s firing], and I told them, ‘Yeah, she [Love] had something to do with it.’” Hull explained.

Hull says that the mutual friend texted Braxton and Braxton shared the screenshot of the conversation on her Instagram page. “In Tamar’s text message, it specifically says Cookie Hull told me.”

Tamar Braxton's now deleted Instagram post
Tamar Braxton’s now-deleted Instagram post via Twitter

Love continues to deny that she had any involvement in Braxton’s firing. As far as why the other hosts on the show have stood by Love, Hull says its due to them being unaware of Love’s actions behind the scenes.