Five-Year-Old Zhuri James Is Outshining Her Father LeBron

Though it’s been a trying time for many around the country and the world, many people are finding the ability to entertain themselves and their online audiences with videos posted to social media.

In an era when everyone can have their own variety show on an app, it’s never been easier to disseminate entertainment to the masses in an instant. 

One family that’s been doing this consistently is the family of NBA superstar LeBron James. The one who may be outshining LeBron, however, is his five-year-old daughter Zhuri. 

The James family on social media

LeBron James playing basketball
LeBron James | Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

During the quarantine, LeBron has been active on social media. He took advantage of the NBA canceling its games to hold his first Instagram Live. It was the first time he allowed his social media followers a live glimpse into his home life. He sipped on wine and answered fan questions. One fan asked him about his life during the lockdown, and he was optimistic

“The good thing about it, though, I’m getting a lot of family time…Time that I would never be able to get at this point in the season.”

It was only a sign of things to come for LeBron, as he only became more active on social media as the quarantine progressed. Another activity LeBron participated in during the Instagram Live session was watching his kids Bryce and Zhuri dancing – foreshadowing Zhuri’s later emergence as the family’s preeminent dancer. 

How stardom runs in the James family

The family’s patriarch, LeBron, is a basketball megastar widely regarded as the best player in the world and one of the best players of all time. You may have heard of him. But LeBron’s isn’t the only one in the family with a shining star. Along with his daughter (more on her in a moment), his son is also stealing headlines as well. 

LeBron’s son, Bronny, is a star high school basketball player. Bronny is currently a sophomore at Sierra Canyon, a school known for attracting top talent and the sons of NBA players. He’s set to graduate in 2023 and has a wish list of some of the top schools in the nation to attend including Duke, UNC, Kentucky, and UCLA. 

Rumor has it LeBron wants to finish his career by playing on the same team as his son, which would be a first in the NBA. But Bronny isn’t the only offspring of LeBron showing talent in a major way. His sister Zhuri also has it in her to become an entertainer. 

How Zhuri is stealing the show on the James’ family TikToks

The entire James family joined together on a recent Tik Tok video to perform the “Tootsie Slide” dance. It’s a dance that goes along with a Drake song that’s led to many people posting videos on platforms like Tik Tok dancing along to it. Zhuri compelled the entire family to line up and dance to the song in a recent video. 

The five-year-old’s dance moves? Flawless. She looked as if she had serious experience as a professional dancer. The rest of the James family? Not so much. They struggled to get through the routine, to put it kindly. 

It’s pretty clear that while LeBron may be the most talented basketball player of the bunch (for now at least – give Bronny some time), Zhuri is clearly the best dancer in the family.

It’s anyone’s guess how long the national lockdown will continue, but if Zhuri and the James clan keep putting out videos like this one, at least we can all be a little more entertained during a tough time.