‘Fixer to Fabulous’: Dave and Jenny Marrs Reveal a Favorite ‘Oh Wow’ Moment [Exclusive]

Dave and Jenny Marrs from HGTV‘s Fixer to Fabulous have created several inventive and cool designs but said the countertop that opened into a wine cellar took the prize for being their “Oh wow” moment.

Jenny and Dave said they were totally shocked that during demolition they discovered a hidden basement, which they ultimately transformed into a wine cellar on Fixer to Fabulous.

Dave and Jenny said the ‘coolest’ transformation was the basement wine cellar on ‘Fixer to Fabulous’

“I think one of the coolest things we ever did was when we opened up the countertop that went down into the wine cellar, that was probably one of my favorite moments,” Dave recalled to Showbiz Cheat Sheet. “It just works. We found a basement that we didn’t even know existed when we started the project, and so we got through that space. That was probably my favorite, like, ‘Oh, wow, moment’ that we’ve ever done.”

Dave Marrs and Jenny Marrs from 'Fixer to Fabulous' on the red carpet
Dave Marrs and Jenny Marrs | Craig Barritt/Getty Images for Better Homes & Gardens

“The wine cellar was my favorite too,” Jenny added. “A lot of times we go into a project and we have a plan. But with any renovation, your plan often changes as you go. That happens quite a bit of where we’ll go in with one plan.”

The HGTV home design and renovation team have to be ready to pivot

Jenny added that they are always ready to pivot when the renovation process changes. “And then like that wine cellar, for example, we found a cellar,” she said. “So OK, we have to change everything because this has to be something that will just happen naturally and organically throughout the renovation. And as with any renovation project, we always are trying to think of something fun, outside of the box idea preferably for the show.”

Dave and Jenny said filming a show like Fixer to Fabulous requires a lot of planning and flexibility – almost like putting together a puzzle. But what allows them to flow easier is their ability to keep jobs in-house without having to outsource most of it. “I’m lucky because I have a job where if at the last minute we find something, like oh we need to make monkey bars or a climbing wall,” Dave said. “We want to do something unique so we can go home and weld it up and fabricate it. And I think that gives us a little advantage over some folks that don’t have that availability to just go and build it.”

What can fans expect from a new season of ‘Fixer to Fabulous’?

Having specialized design and renovation skills in-house allows the team to imagine just about anything and create the ultimate space for their clients. “Even right now on some of our last few projects, is more of a focus on creating fun spaces for the young ones in the family,” Dave said. “And I love doing that. Whether it’s building treehouses or playhouses or we’re doing climbing walls now. We’re trying some different things where we’re at work and the homeowners are OK with it. “


‘Fixer to Fabulous’: Dave and Jenny Marrs Return to HGTV in November 2022

Dave said the new season will be filled with unique projects. “We have a variety of different projects,” he teased. “We’re working on an old barn that we’re turning into a residential space. We had lake properties, we had a farm property, we did a mercantile.”

“We’re opening a mercantile this year of an old building, a historical building that Jenny and I own,” he added. “We’re still building, we’re not quite done yet. We’ve got some really cool projects and the before and afters are incredible and I hope people really like it.”

A new season of Fixer to Fabulous premieres Tuesday, Nov. 29, at 9 p.m. ET/PT on HGTV and discovery+

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