‘Fixer Upper’: Watch Chip and Joanna Gaines’ Original Audition Tape for the HGTV Series

Chances are you’ve already tuned in for a season or two (or six!) of Fixer Upper in the past and know Chip Gaines and Joanna Gaines pretty well because of it. The married couple was one of the first to take the DIY world of HGTV by storm with their incredible talent for flipping homes. 

As a nod to their previous success with Fixer Upper, the couple has decided to reboot their hit series on their new network Magnolia Network. To help celebrate the new series reboot, Chip and Joanna also dropped their never before seen HGTV casting tape from 2012. And you won’t want to miss it!

Chip and Joanna Gaines smiling
Chip and Joanna Gaines | Nathan Congleton/Getty Images

Chip and Joanna’s ‘Fixer Upper’ was a huge success from 2013 to 2018

Fixer Upper premiered in 2012, with Chip and Joanna as the show’s hosts

Centered around their real business, Magnolia Homes, the couple shows viewers the whole process of finding fixer-upper houses in Waco, Texas, with great potential and flipping them. Chip has control over the entire construction aspect of the show and job, while Joanna gives all her attention to interior design. 

The show quickly drew in fans as people fell in love with the incredible chemistry of the couple — not just romantically but professionally. Their work was so great that people started questioning just how real it was. 

Fortunately, Joanna responded to the claims saying otherwise. “What happens really is real,” she told Country Living. “The producers might have you repeat things a few times, and they might film things multiple times from different angles, but the reactions and conversations are real.”

Their ‘Fixer Upper’ casting tape is as adorable as you think!

Looking back over their five years of insane success, there’s no better way to kick off the year than with a preview of Chip and Joanna’s original audition tape for their HGTV series

The two TV stars introduced their first flip on tape in Waco, Texas, where they started their business Magnolia Homes. The video on Magnolia Network’s YouTube is narrated by Joanna mostly, as she explains the ‘typical flip we do.’ Nervous at first by the home and trying to talk her husband out of it, Joanna goes over her process for really bringing the house to life. 

“I sat in front of this house one day for an hour, started drawing things, trying to get a vision for it,” she told the camera. Flip ahead a few seconds, and you remember why they were not only picked up by HGTV but such a huge success. 

Chip asks Joanna, “Do you think our on-camera chemistry is coming out?” And it certainly did. The couple laughed with banter the whole time. It had all the humor and authenticity it needed to convince everyone that it was worth the premiere. And oh boy, was it. 

‘Fixer Upper’ is getting rebooted via Magnolia Network

You’ll be excited to learn that the debut of their audition tape was in celebration of more Chip and Joanna ventures in the future! If you haven’t tuned into it yet, the married couple debuted Fixer Upper: Welcome Home in January 2021. 

Although this was a year after the original plan, fans have quickly gotten back into it. According to Joanna, the timing was even better than the original. “I think, looking back, we couldn’t have planned it any better. It’s January, it’s a new year,” she told Good Morning America. “Just the message of hope and inspiration from these storytellers and the stories that they’re telling… The world is ready for that kind of beauty to be seen.”

And the star wasn’t wrong. It was the perfect start to the year and didn’t disappoint for a moment. Just note that there have been some changes to the show that you may or may not like. Tune in on cable or Magnolia Network to decide for yourself. 

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