Will Amazon Renew ‘Fleabag’ for Season 3?

Ranked as one of Amazon’s best TV shows to stream, Fleabag has audiences clamoring for more. The British comedy/drama has been well-received by critics and fans alike and has seen a surge in popularity since season 2 hit the platform this past May.

Created by and starring Phoebe Waller-Bridge as the wonderfully potty-mouthed, kooky-but-smart titular character, Fleabagfound its way to Amazon through a partnership with BBC. While season 1 introduced us to the protagonist, her messy love life, and dysfunctional family, season 2 dug deeper into the source of her many heartbreaks and her attempts to smooth everything out.

Some of those kinks were old and some were new, but by the end of season 2, it’s no wonder that inquiring minds want to know what else may be in store for Fleabag. Many fans felt like we’d walked side-by-side with her and would be happy to stick it out should the series continue. But will it?

Phoebe Waller-Bridge at 'Fleabag' season 2 event.
‘Fleabag’ actress/writer Phoebe Waller-Bridge. | Getty Images/Paul Bruinooge/Patrick McMullan

How Fleabag’s story began

Fleabag originally aired on BBC and was picked up by Amazon after its debut in 2016. Based on Waller-Bridge’s play of the same name, the show was only intended to be one season – or series in Brit-Speak – about a single woman trying to manage her café, grief, and relationships.

The main character had her hands full with a wicked, passive-aggressive godmother, a sleazy brother-in-law, a string of sketchy partners, and a failing guinea pig café. The first season wrapped up with a revelation about the death of Fleabag’s bestie, Boo, family rifts, and a surprising second chance to bring the café back to black. Everything felt done. IndieWire pointed out that Waller-Bridge stated the story had to end then … That is, until she felt inspired again.

Why season 2 may be the ‘Fleabag’ series finale (spoilers ahead)

Although nearly three years have passed on our calendars, Waller-Bridge’s character picked things up one year later during this second season. This time, a priest is making her blush for more reasons than one.

Hope is not lost for Fleabag! She’s turned her business around and made headway in mending things with her father and sister. She even dished out some payback by stealing back that statue of her mother from the nasty “Godmother.” At this point, fans have grown used to her spilling her confessions directly to the audience or throwing us a side glance or smirk.

But in the closing scene of the last episode, we couldn’t follow her next steps as she turned to wave goodbye to viewers and walked down the sidewalk alone. According to BBC, it’s been confirmed by Sian Clifford, who plays Fleabag’s sister, Claire, that it’s a wrap for the show.

“There will not be a third series. This is it. I’ve described it online as this beautiful, perfect ending but I think what it’s closer to is poetry.”

Further, Waller-Bridge has said that her Fleabag tour dates would also serve as a farewell to the character and she was ready to move on. She told The New York Times:

“I will miss her, but I hope there will always be a little bit of Fleabag in everything I write. I’d love to bring her back when she is 50. Only God knows what she’d have to say then.”

In case you haven’t watched either season yet, hit Prime Video and you’ll understand what makes Fleabag someone you want to laugh with, root for, or hug. If you’re a fan of Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s writing, then you can also check out her work on Killing Eve and the upcoming James Bond flick. However, it’s time to say goodbye to this prickly but charming character.