Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Say You Will’: Stevie Nicks Says the Song Wasn’t Inspired by Lindsey Buckingham

Aside from her solo project, Stevie Nicks appeared alongside Fleetwood Mac for the 2003 release Say You Will. She also wrote the album’s title track, sharing inspiration came from a movie about trumpet player Arturo Sandoval. Here’s what we know about this song and its meaning.

Stevie Nicks wrote Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Say You Will’

Stevie Nicks performs during 2022 Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival
Stevie Nicks performs during 2022 Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival | Erika Goldring/WireImage

Nicks is a songwriter and vocalist for Fleetwood Mac, lending her skills to the 2003 release Say You Will and its title track.

“Say you will, say you will give me one more chance,” the artists sing in the chorus. “At least give me time to change your mind / That always seems to heal the wounds / If I can get you to dance.”

This song reached No. 17 on Billboard’s United States Adult Contemporary Chart. Many fans speculated Nicks wrote this song about her relationship with bandmate Lindsey Buckingham, with Nicks later elaborating on her source of inspiration. 

What is ‘Say You Will’ by Fleetwood Mac about?

“Say You Will” may detail a relationship gone sour, but it wasn’t actually about Nicks’ real-life relationships. According to Music Spotlight Magazine, this song’s inspiration came from a movie about Sandoval.

“You have this great chorus that basically says, ‘If you dance with me, you won’t be mad at me anymore.'” Nicks said in a 2003 interview with Performing Songwriter. “Then I had to think about what to make the verses about.” 

“So I went back over all my relationships with people and different ways that I have felt when I wanted basically to burst into song and sing that chorus,” she continued. Although this song isn’t directly related to Buckingham, these artists often detailed their relationships through music.

Nicks’ “Storms,” also written for Fleetwood Mac, was about her time with Mick Fleetwood — another band member. Buckingham lent his opinions on the track after he “tore [it] apart,” according to his then-girlfriend.

Even before they were in Fleetwood Mac, Buckingham and Nicks were writing and performing music. The two went from teenage friends to music partners to a romantic couple. Eventually, the two split with Nicks branching out to release “Edge of Seventeen.”


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‘Say You Will’ is included on the 2003 Fleetwood Mac album

“Say You Will” currently holds over 8 million Spotify plays, with Fleetwood Mac also reuniting for a YouTube music video. This was one of the band’s most recent releases, with Nicks appearing on tour in 2022 as a solo artist.

“Totally underrated song from a totally underrated album,” one YouTube user commented on the official “Say You Will” music video. “Love them both so much. And I would love to hear a new album soon.”

“Say You Will” is just one track included on the Fleetwood Mac album of the same title. “Running Through the Garden,” “Steal Your Heart Away,” and “Red Rover” are among songs featured in the 2003 collection.