‘Flip or Flop Vegas’: What is Aubrey and Bristol’s Net Worth?

Aubrey Marunde dreams up a fabulous design worthy of Las Vegas high roller real estate and her husband Bristol Marunde manifests that dream into reality on Flip or Flop Vegas. Since March of 2017, the Marunde duo has taken on the unpredictable and exciting housing market of Las Vegas by transforming neglected properties into the glamorous properties expected of the area. Bristol used to be a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter and now is a licensed contractor. Aubrey is a real estate broker. Together, they have the tools to flip even the saddest looking properties on their HGTV show

(L-R) Aubrey Marunde and Bristol Marunde smiling in front of a white background
(L-R) Aubrey Marunde and Bristol Marunde | Ethan Miller/Getty Images

A match made in Vegas

The Marundes met when Bristol Marunde was still an MMA fighter back in 2009. He was ready to purchase his first home and the future Mrs. Marunde was his real estate agent. Later, Bristol was seriously injured during a fight. When he was out of the hospital, he wanted to keep on working the next day, and he did everything in his power to make that happen. The couple went on to create After Luxury, a real estate brokerage and their own unique brand. Today, each of their talents and backgrounds brings separate strengths to their show, their business endeavors, and every house they flip. 

A unique take on Flip or Flop for HGTV

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The original Flip or Flop TV show follows Christina Anstead and Tarek El Moussa, who used to be married. The premise is to find a property that has been neglected, purchase it, and try to flip it for a profit. The audience follows along to see if they’ll make a profit or if the renovated property will “flop.” There are three other Flip or Flop spinoffs aside from the Vegas edition hosted by the Marundes. They take place in Atlanta, Fort Worth, and Nashville.

Flip or Flop Vegas is the longest-running spinoff of the HGTV show still on the air and fans rave that this is due in large part to the symbiotic relationship between husband and wife on the show. Vegas offers a unique landscape in that the buyers are looking for Vegas glam, and Aubrey brings that with each renovation. Viewers tune in for her talents at delivering just that and it’s made the show a success over other spinoffs.  

The Marunde family involve the talents of every member

Husband and wife aren’t the only members of the Flip or Flop Vegas team. The Marunde kids also get involved on the show and on social media. Sons Kane and Kale like to sweep floors, come on supply runs, and help in any way that’s safe. It brings an extra bit of flair to the show for fans and gives them more of a reason to tune in to every show. It’s not only a show about flipping properties in Las Vegas. This is also a show about a family that made their dream happen and continue to do so every season. They show their kids the family business, and they appear to enjoy every moment. 

What is their net worth?

The Marunde family boasts many talents and renovations totaling more than 150 in their portfolio. In addition, Bristol’s MMA fighting career adds to their net worth. He is still involved, although doesn’t fight professionally after his injury. The estimated net worth of the family is approximately $5 million when everything is added up, according to Distractify. Their company, After Luxury, is still active today. Bristol continues to do work as a contractor and Aubrey is an active real estate agent. The release date for Season 4 of their show has not yet been announced, but full episodes of previous seasons are available on HGTV.