‘Flipping Out’: Chaz Dean Says Jenni Pulos Avoided Him Because She Worried About Running Into Jeff Lewis

Chaz Dean who appeared on Flipping Out said he ended up in the middle of Jeff Lewis and Jenni Pulos‘s falling out and was temporarily ghosted by Pulos because she feared she’d run into Lewis.

Dean said Lewis no longer speaks to him now. This opened the door for Dean and Pulis to rekindle their friendship. But he admitted that while Lewis was in his life, Pulos stopped coming to his salon or social gatherings.

Zoila Chavez, Jenny Pulos, Chaz Dean, and Jeff Lewis at the Chaz Dean Salon Product Launch
Zoila Chavez, Jenny Pulos, Chaz Dean, and Jeff Lewis at the Chaz Dean Salon Product Launch | Amy Graves/WireImage

Jenni Pulos avoided Chaz Dean fearing she would run into Jeff Lewis

“She does come now because well now he’s not [coming to the salon or his parties],” Dean said on the Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef podcast. “So it’s just a mess, but it’s like, I’m not picky. She’s the godmother of Monroe. I’m the godfather of Monroe.” Dean and Pulos were asked to be the godparents of Lewis and ex-boyfriend Gage Edward’s daughter Monroe.

“It’s like, you can’t ask me to pick and she didn’t do anything to me,” Dean continued. “And again, I think with what really happened there, there’s his side, her side. And then there’s the truth. That’s in the middle and it’s a little bit of blended both.” Lewis and Pulos had a falling out after he mocked her desire to be an actor and audition for roles. She finally had enough of his mockery and pulled away. Lewis then taunted her and they eventually stopped speaking.

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“It’s usually what happens in life,” Dean added. “So don’t ask me to pick a side. So I’m friends with her. We’re still friends and yeah, for years I didn’t see her as much because he was still involved in my life and you know, she just, she wouldn’t come. She would only come to the party if we were a hundred percent sure he wasn’t going to be there. He’s not coming. He’s out of town. She’s like, okay, then I’ll come.”

Chaz Dean would love to mend fences with Jeff Lewis

“And it’s sad when it’s like that,” Dean said. “Unfortunately in Hollywood and maybe New York the same, it happens a lot because there’s so much. And even people that had worked together as supposedly worked together, they don’t get along. So like, no, no, no, no, no I’m afraid they’re going to show up. And it’s you guys, we got to put that sh*t behind us.”

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“When this life is over and said and done and God forbid you’re on your death bed,” he said. “You’re like, I should have mended that I should have fixed that. And I know you’re thinking I’m preaching the choir with Jeff and I, but I’m not the one that’s holding any harbor here. I’m not, I didn’t do this. It’s all on his side. It’s all on his side.”