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Gage Edward and Jeff Lewis are still co-parenting their daughter, Monroe together. However, the Flipping Out stars are moving on with their lives. They no longer work together and Lewis is now dating Scott Anderson. Edward shared his thoughts on their relationship.

Patti Stanger says she set up Jeff Lewis and Scott Anderson

Patti Stanger helped rich people fall in love on Millionaire Matchmaker. She is still helping people find love because she is behind Lewis’ new relationship.

“I fixed him up with his boyfriend, so he’s exclusive,” she told Too Fab. “Scott — I did that. Cha-ching!” Stanger went on to explain how it got started.

“[Jeff] called me up and said, ‘I can’t find anyone to date after Gage.’ And he was going through hell with Gage, and I was counseling him, and I just said, ‘Don’t worry. I got it,’” she said. “And me and my vice president, Erica [Arrechea], fixed him up. That was a while ago. They’ve been going out for a while.”

Lewis said they started couples therapy

The Flipping Out star continues to shed light on his personal life on his Sirius XM show Jeff Lewis Live. He said he’s going to couples therapy with Anderson. He said it was a Christmas gift from Anderson.

“It was nothing like I expected,” he said according to People. “I expected Scott to play the blame game. I had walked in defensive. . . I went in there with gloves on and I was ready.”

Lewis explained how things took a turn. “He spoke first and he said, ‘I just want to let you know this is not a b*tch fest. I’m not here to prove that I’m right and you’re wrong,” he said. “He wasn’t crying, but he was emotional. You could tell this was thoughtful. He had said some very nice things about me, about the relationship, and why he wanted this session.”

Edward said he’s not jealous

Gage Edward and Jeff Lewis of 'Flipping Out'
Gage Edward and Jeff Lewis of ‘Flipping Out’ | Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Edward was on Instagram Live on April 15. He talked about Lewis being in a new relationship.

“I, from third parties, have heard and understood things about Scott and he seems like a very level headed, very nice person,” he said according to People. “I think that being in a co-parenting relationship, that’s all you can ask for.”

He made sure to say he has no hard feelings about his ex moving on with someone else. “I am not jealous at all. I’ve never met him,” Edward said. “But, from everything I’ve heard and the things that I’ve heard that he’s done in terms of gifts for Monroe, it’s nice that he’s around. And whoever your eye is with, if you’re co-parenting, I think you hope for someone who’s nice and considerate. Again, I don’t know him, but he sounds great.”

The former reality star claimed he is single and that probably won’t change any time soon. “I am single and I am not ready to mingle,” he said. “I am focusing on Gage and I am focusing on my daughter and business.”