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Aimee Hall is a reality TV star and roommate on the MTV series Floribama Shore. Because she leads a life in the public eye, Hall is no stranger to negative social media comments. Fortunately, the Floribama Shore star has a strategy for combatting the people who make comments about her size. 

Aimee Hall from MTV's 'Floribama Shore'
Aimee Hall | MTV

Aimee Hall slams fat-shamers on social media 

On March 3, Hall shared two photos to Instagram — one from the present-day and another from when she was a size two. “I would just like to say I am so sorry I do not fit your beauty standards,” the reality star wrote in her caption. “Every girl is different and I know that I’m not a size 2.” 

Hall admitted she had an eating disorder in the past. “I was a size 0 [and] I’m A LOT HAPPIER now,” she added. The Floribama Shore roommate encouraged those followers who felt the need to comment about her size to “take a look in the mirror.” 

“The only thing I can think is you’re miserable yourself,” Hall continued. “Figure out what it is about you that makes you hate yourself so much that you have to bully others!”

She concluded by saying she has lost 13 pounds because of some recent comments on social media. “Maybe I’ll fit your f*ckin beauty standard now!” Hall finished. “I may be fat, but I damn sure ain’t ugly and I got a bomb a*s personality so please find you one.”

Aimee Hall’s roommates make comments about her appearance on ‘Floribama Shore’  

Unfortunately, Hall was attacked for her size in the past by her own roommates. In an episode of Floribama Shore, Hall’s roommates Codi Butts and Kirk Medas said they wouldn’t hook up with her, even if she were the last woman on earth. 

“I try not to listen to what others say when they call me fat and ugly. I don’t take it to heart anymore, I just say they’re jealous,” Hall told TooFab at the time. Watching that episode back was hard for Hall, who said those types of comments lower her self-esteem.

“I just wish everyone would understand that words hurt,” she added. Even today, Hall continues to hope people will eventually be more careful about what they say online. 

‘Floribama Shore’ star Aimee Hall explains her Instagram post about size 

During a conversation on the Behind the Velvet Rope podcast, Hall discussed whether she reads the comments. The discussion brought her back to the March social media post calling out the haters. 

“I really struggled with thinking I’m too fat or I don’t have the perfect body,” she admitted. But at the same time, Hall says she doesn’t want to look like everyone else. 


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“All these people kept writing me just like calling me fat and tubby,” she said. “It gets to you sometimes, and it affects you mentally.”

Fortunately, Hall has the perfect way to combat those negative feelings that creep up when people make comments about her size. “I try to remember that those people are probably in their basement just wanting to harass somebody because they’re miserable,” Hall concluded. “They want to make me miserable too.”