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On Jan. 23, 2022, Floribama Shore star Gus Smyrnios shared big news with Floribama Shore fans. He is engaged to marry Samantha “Sami” Carucci. Fans of the MTV series took to social media to celebrate the reality TV star’s announcement. 

Samantha 'Sami' Carucci and 'Floribama Shore' star Gus Smyrnios pose together after their engagement
Samantha ‘Sami’ Carucci & Gus Smyrnios | Twitter

‘Floribama Shore’ star proposes to his ‘true love’ 

Floribama Shore fans first heard about Carucci in season 4 of the MTV series. Unlike his past relationships, Smyrnios kept Carucci away from filming and off of social media — until now. 

“When I met you on this beach a year ago today, I knew I wanted nothing less but to spend every day I had left with you,” Smyrnios captioned a set of Instagram photos. The couple got engaged on the beaches of Indian Shores, Florida. “I love you forever Sami. Thank you for showing me what true love is #engaged.”

According to his Instagram Stories, Smyrnios and Carucci celebrated their one-year anniversary where they met a year before. “She’s all mine for eternity,” the reality star wrote in his Stories. “I love you Sami.” Carucci’s sister was also part of the engagement, filming the occasion for TikTok.  

‘Floribama Shore’ fans celebrate Gus Smyrnios’ engagement 

Shortly after Smyrnios shared news of his engagement on social media, fans supported the reality star with an outpouring of love. “Seeing @GusSmyrnios engaged makes [my] heart so happy,” one fan tweeted

“Congratulations to @GusSmyrnios on his engagement,” read another tweet. “Couldn’t be happier for my favorite Floribama Shore star.”


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“This is what raw and real should look like on these reality shows,” another Floribama Shore fan tweeted, speaking to Smyrnios and Carucci’s engagement photo shoot. “Not about fighting, arguing, making up lies for ratings. These photos show what reality should look like. Two people spending the rest of their lives together as one whole. Congrats.” 

Fans call out ‘Floribama Shore’ cast for not congratulating Gus Smyrnios 

Codi Butts was the only Floribama Shore star to comment on Smyrnios’ Instagram post at the time of publication. “Congratulations,” Butts wrote. 

“I don’t see any of his castmates congratulating him,” a Twitter user commented on Smyrnios’ thread. At the time of publication, it’s unclear where Smyrnios stands with his Floribama Shore castmates. 

At the end of season 4, he and Candace Rice got into an argument on social media. Plus, Smyrnios wasn’t in attendance at Nilsa Prowant’s wedding in November 2021. MTV has yet to officially confirm another season of Floribama Shore, but it’s unclear who will return if the show does film for another season.

Gus Smyrnios won’t let MTV film his wedding 

Whether or not Floribama Shore returns for another season, Smyrnios doesn’t want his relationship with Carucci or their wedding broadcast. “MTV gets no part of Sami, she’s my peace,” he said in a tweet. “They’ve ruined enough s*** for me.” 

The reality star also said: “Unless I’m being the character they want me to be, they don’t wanna film me at all,” Since they can’t force me or use me as the bad guy against Nilsa anymore, they don’t want me.”

Many Floribama Shore fans speculated Prowant’s wedding was filmed and will air as a special on MTV. The same is unlikely to happen with Smyrnios’ nuptials.