‘Floribama Shore’: Gus Symrnios Is Engaged; Everything We Know About His Fiancé Samantha Carucci

Floribama Shore star Gus Smrynios recently proposed to Samantha “Sami” Carucci. Here’s everything we know so far about the MTV celebrity’s fiancé. Plus, what Smyrnios has to say about his wedding being part of the reality series.

'Floribama Shore' star Gus Smyrnios poses with his fiancé Samantha 'Sami' Carucci
Gus Smyrnios & Samantha Carucci | Twitter

Gus Smyrnios asks Samantha Carucci to marry him

On Jan. 23, 2022, the Floribama Shore star shared news of his engagement to Carucci. “When I met you on this beach a year ago today, I knew I wanted nothing less but to spend every day I had left with you,” Smyrnios captioned a set of Instagram photos tagged Indian Shores, Florida. “I love you forever Sami. Thank you for showing me what true love is #engaged.”

“Congratulations!” Smyrnios’ Floribama Shore castmate Codi Butts commented on the post. At the time of publication, Butts was the only one of Smyrnios’ roommates to comment on the post. 

Who is Gus Smyrnios’ fiance Samantha Carucci? 

Floribama Shore fans first discovered Carucci in May 2021 when Smyrnios shared a photo to his Instagram Stories. The two were on a jet ski in Honeymoon Island Beach, Florida. At the time, Smyrnios blocked Carucci’s face with a heart gif and added a “Happy” sticker to it. 

“A girl commented on one of his pics recently about missing him and he commented back that he couldn’t wait to see her again,” said one Floribama Shore fan on Reddit, presuming this woman to be Smyrnios’ girlfriend. 

According to Carucci’s social media profiles, the Tampa, Florida native is an esthetician. She owns and operates Posie Day Spa, where she provides facials, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and various other services to clients. Carucci’s personal Instagram is private, but her business page is public. 

Samantha Carucci is mentioned in ‘Floribama Shore’ Season 4 

In the past, Smyrnios talked about his relationship with Lisa Burns about extensively on the MTV series. But Smyrnios kept most of his relationship with Carucci quiet throughout season 4 of Floribama Shore

In “Pushing the Limits,” Smrynios told roommate Aimee Hall he was seeing someone. “I met this girl, Sami,” said the reality star. “We’re taking it slow, definitely feeling it out. At the same time, that doesn’t mean I want to open the floodgates to my roommates.” 

Smyrnios didn’t say much more about Carucci during season 4. But when they entertained female house guests, Smyrnios avoided hooking up with any of them because he considered Carucci a “good girl” and didn’t want to ruin their relationship. 

Gus Smyrnios says his wedding won’t be filmed for ‘Floribama Shore’ 

Many fans are excited about Smyrnios’ recent engagement. Some even thought the MTV reality series might film Smyrnios’ future wedding for the show, as they’ve done in the past for celebrities like Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino. But as the Floribama Shore star said on Twitter, his wedding won’t likely be featured on the show. 

“Unless I’m being the character they want me to be, they don’t wanna film me at all,” he said in a tweet. “Since they can’t force me or use me as the bad guy against Nilsa [Prowant] anymore, they don’t want me. MTV gets no part of Sami, she’s my peace. They’ve ruined enough s*** for me.”

At the time of publication, MTV has not confirmed another season of Floribama Shore.  

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