‘Floribama Shore’: Why Kirk Medas Is Never Seen Flirting On the Show

Floribama Shore fans have a front row seat to all of the drama in the beach house. The only roommate who’s life is kept out of the spotlight is Kirk Medas. Here’s why you never see Medas flirting or hooking up with anyone on Floribama Shore

Kirk Medas girlfriend Wren Marie
‘Floribama Shore’ Cast | Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for MTV

‘Floribama Shore’ is known for hookups 

Like the early seasons of Jersey Shore, the Floribama Shore roommates wasted no time getting to know one another. Many of them came to the beach house to have an adventurous and single summer, but it wasn’t long before the roommates started hooking up with one another. Last season, the focus was primarily on Mattie Lynn Breaux and Jeremiah Buoni. In the past, there has been flirting between Candace Rice and Codi Butts and Nilsa Prowant’s many crushes, from Buoni to his brother, Josh, and Gus Smyrnios. 

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While the cast of Floribama Shore are no strangers to hooking up with each other, there have been plenty of guests at the beach house. Since the cast are like family now more than ever, it’s easier to turn to outsiders at bars for a good flirt. Almost everyone on the show has kissed a roommate or guest in the house — everyone except for Medas. 

Kirk never talks about hooking up on ‘Floribama Shore’ 

Regardless of how many women his male roommates bring back to the beach house, Medas always goes to bed alone. When he’s doing one-on-one interviews, Medas usually addresses the drama going on in the house. He rarely ever talks about his personal life or interests outside of the show. Fans took notice of this early on, but only recently started speaking out about the fact that Medas was always seemingly single. “We need to get you a girl,” one fan tweeted, adding: “How come you never hook up with anyone?” 

Kirk Medas has a girlfriend 

Medas never hooks up with anyone on Floribama Shore because he has a girlfriend at home. According to his social media, Medas has been in a committed relationship with Wren Marie for two years. It’s unclear exactly when or how Medas met Wren, but according to his tweets, the two started dating some time after Floribama Shore aired in 2017. 

After countless fans have asked Medas why he never hooks up on the show, he took to Twitter to once again clarify his relationship status. “A lot of people don’t, don’t feel bad,” a fan explained. “It’s not really common knowledge from the show. Unless you follow him on social media, there’s no way for you to have known.”

Who is Kirk Medas’ girlfriend, Wren Marie?

Medas keeps his relationship very private. He is never seen calling his girlfriend, and he doesn’t talk about her on camera, either. Medas keeps his relationship private on social media, too. It’s unclear whether or not Wren is active on social media, but Medas recently celebrated her birthday with a sweet Instagram post. 

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“Happy birthday best friend/lover/soulmate,” Medas wrote on May 26. “I appreciate you for always being there for me no matter what. You’re my better half and the best person I know. No matter what I’m going through, you’ve always been in my corner, and I appreciate you.”

Wren seems to have removed herself from social media. Any accounts that were previously attributed to her are no longer active. Fortunately, Medas keeps his Instagram feed filled with photos of their loving relationship.