‘Floribama Shore’: Nilsa Prowant’s Instagram Post on Polyhydramnios Explained

Floribama Shore star Nilsa Prowant is expecting her baby boy to arrive soon. As of late, the MTV personality has been extremely open on social media about her pregnancy, sharing the good and the bad with fans. After some followers expressed concern about Prowant’s swelling — a common occurrence in pregnant women — the Floribama Shore star got clarity from her doctor. Here’s what Prowant’s polyhydramnios diagnosis means. 

'Floribama Shore' star Nilsa Prowant, who is expecting her baby boy soon.
Nilsa Prowant | MTV

‘Floribama Shore’ cast member Nilsa Prowant is expecting Baby Gray soon

After her father’s untimely death in August 2020, Prowant shared the big news with fans. “Even in the darkest of times the Lord still shines his light,” Prowant wrote on Instagram

“I can’t help but to think my dad had a hand in this,” Prowant shared in a later post on the platform. Prowant and her fiancé Gus Gazda will welcome Baby Grayson sometime this month. As documented on the MTV series, Prowant’s roommates can’t wait to meet the family’s newest addition. 

On May 5, Prowant shared that she was 37 weeks pregnant on Instagram. But in reality, “Gray is measuring 40 weeks” and Prowant is experiencing some side effects. 

MTV ‘Floribama Shore’ star experiencing swelling from polyhydramnios

As Prowant revealed in her 37 weeks post, Baby Gray measures at full term. “At our last appointment, we found out Gray is 7lbs 9oz [and] in the 90th percentile,” the reality TV star said. “My amnionic fluid measured at 28cm.” 

According to Prowant and her doctors, “normal is 5 to 25cm.” Prowant adds that she went to see a specialist about her measurements. “2 days after my OB appointment, I went to the specialist and my amnionic fluid measured at 36cm.” 

Prowant’s doctors eventually diagnosed her with polyhydramnios. 

Polyhydramnios causes swollen ankles for the ‘Floribama Shore’ star

According to the Mayo Clinic, polyhydramnios is the “excessive accumulation of amniotic fluid, which is the fluid that surrounds the baby in the uterus during pregnancy.” Polyhydramnios typically occurs in 1-2% of pregnancies, and most symptoms are mild.

What Prowant is experiencing in terms of swelling is common in those diagnosed with polyhydramnios. “[It] sounded super scary so of course I googled,” Prowant continued on Instagram. “Shouldn’t have done that.” 

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She may have freaked herself out a bit, but Prowant says the doctor’s didn’t find anything wrong with “Baby G.” As for the cause of Prowant’s polyhydramnios, her doctor’s think it could be “late-term gestational diabetes.” 

Prowant reminded her followers that she is in the best care. “I’m back at the specialist today to try to get a better understanding of what’s going on and to check on Baby Gray!” she adds. “Please keep me and my little man in your prayers!” 

Nilsa and Gus will welcome Baby Gray in 2 weeks 

At the end of her Instagram update, Prowant shared the best news with fans. “They have already said they will induce me by 39 weeks, and we are on the books to have Gray in about 2 weeks,” wrote the mother-to-be.

Many Floribama Shore fans can’t wait to meet Prowant and Gazda’s baby boy. Stay tuned to Showbiz Cheat Sheet for updates on this Floribama Baby!