‘Floribama Shore’: The Real Reason Aimee Hall Joined OnlyFans

Floribama Shore roommate Aimee Hall isn’t just a reality star. Now, she’s an OnlyFans creator. Ironically, another reality TV star inspired Hall’s decision to join the photo-sharing platform. 

Aimee Hall and Nilsa Prowant from MTV's 'Floribama Shore'
Aimee Hall & Nilsa Prowant | MTV

What is OnlyFans? 

According to the website, OnlyFans is a social platform that allows creators to connect with their fans. The site allows content from artists and creators in several genres, including reality television stars like Hall. OnlyFans lets users “monetize their content” and develop relationships with their fan base.

A ‘Basketball Wives’ star inspired Aimee Hall to create an OnlyFans account

As documented in the season 4 premiere of Floribama Shore, Hall has been keeping busy during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic by creating content for her OnlyFans account. Hall’s specialty is photos of her feet. 

“OK I used to have crusty feet and now that I get pedicures on the reg,” Hall tweeted in September 2020. “Everyone tells me I have pretty feet. Kortni [sells] feet pics so I might get into this business too. I’ll make a OnlyFans for my feet.” 

Ironically, creating an OnlyFans account was inspired by Kortni [Gilson], her former roommate, and another reality TV star. In June 2020, Hall discovered Basketball Wives star Evelyn Lozada started an OnlyFans for her feet. “I’m about to make an OnlyFans for my crusty a*s feet,” said Hall. And that’s what she did! 

Aimee Hall started taking pictures of her feet for OnlyFans because she was trying to be funny  

During an interview with David Yontef on the Behind the Velvet Rope podcast, Hall discussed something she discovered during quarantine — people have a foot fetish on the internet. “If I read you some of my messages, you would be like, what the hell?” she admitted. Hall also opened up about the real reason she signed up for OnlyFans. 

“I did this because I am just stupid,” Hall laughed. “I was trying to be funny.” Initially, Hall considered signing up to take selfies and share them on the exclusive platform. “Who knew that I would start getting my pedicures paid for?” she added. 

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As for what her subscribers are requesting, Hall said it’s a mix of things. “Some guys want manicured feet [and] they’ll pay for your pedicures,” the Floribama Shore star explained.

“Then there [are] other guys that want [me] to like step in mud and [have me] put my foot up to the camera and flip them off in the background and tell them they’re a loser,” she added. “I don’t know — I don’t get it. But whatever floats their boat, I’m here for them.” 

Aimee Hall isn’t the only ‘Floribama Shore’ roommate on OnlyFans 

Former Floribama Shore star Mattie Lynn Breaux is also a creator on OnlyFans. When Breaux did not return to the MTV series, she focused on her business ventures outside of reality television. She currently owns and operates a business called Unbothered, a line of accessories and apparel designed by Breaux. 

Plus, Breaux has a side hustle on OnlyFans. Like Hall, the former Floribama Shore roommate is creating exclusive content for her followers.