‘Floribama Shore’ Star Nilsa Prowant Is Engaged to Gus Gazda

The Floribama Shore family has been growing this year. First, Nilsa Prowant announced that she was expecting her first child and now, she is engaged to her longtime boyfriend. Though she had a seasons long fling with her castmate Gus Smyrnios, she is settling down with a different Gus, Gus Gazda.

Candace Rice, Codi Butts, and Nilsa Prowant
Candace Rice, Codi Butts, and Nilsa Prowant | Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Nilsa and Gus’ relationship

In season 1, Prowant and Smyrnios had an instant connection but Prowant didn’t want anything serious with him. In season 2, the tables had turned and Prowant was the one who wanted to be with Smyrnios.

“[Season two] was really hard to watch,” Prowant told HollywoodLife. “I think there was a couple times where I actually would watch it and cry for myself. This guy clearly does not want anything to do with [me]. Why am [I] still chasing him? [I] do not deserve that. I feel like if no guy is going to treat me like a queen, then I need to keep it moving. I wish that I would have done things differently because if I wasn’t sitting there throwing myself at him and just came from, like, a friendship standpoint, maybe things would have been different.”

Nilsa is pregnant

Earlier this year, Prowant announced that she and Gazda were having a child.

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“Even in the darkest of times the Lord still shines his light,” Prowant said on Instagram, captioning a photo of her stomach. “Our greatest adventure is about to begin.” Along with her pregnant belly was a sign that read, “Baby Gazda Coming May 2021.” 

Of course, Prowant’s housemates were overjoyed at the news.

“I can’t wait to be the drunk aunt,” Aimee Hall commented.

“Ayeeeee my sis,” Kirk Medas wrote. “Preggo. Thottin’ n plottin’ caught up to JK. Happy for you and my boi.” 

“Omg! Imma be the auntie in the furr coat that send the expensive presents and rock the baby in 6 in. heels! Congratulations Nilly!! So excited for you! Most beautiful mama I’ve ever seen,” costar Candace Rice said.

“Congratulations! I can’t wait to be [an] uncle,” Codi Butts added.

Nilsa’ engagement

Prowant and her fiancé got engaged on Prowant’s birthday. She took to Instagram to announce the news.

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“The love of my life asked me to spend forever with him tonight on my 27th birthday,” she captioned photos of the proposal. “Today has been more than I could have ever imagined. I can’t believe I get to marry my best friend and bring our son Gray into this world soon.

“Gus, you’ve picked up the broken pieces of my heart and put them back together one by one,” she continued. “You never cease to amaze me. I can always count on you! You are kind, caring, strong, and you love me so good. I know with you by my side, I can get through anything. I would say yes over and over and over again. Every single time.  Now…Let’s plan a wedding.”

Hall shared in the excitement as well and posted the proposal on her Instagram stories with the caption, “Swipe to see why I’m so excited.”

Season 4 of Floribama Shore has not yet been announced.