‘Floribama Shore: What’s the Status of Mattie and Jeremiah’s Relationship Now?

Who doesn’t love a good reality tv romance? We would have thought that the cast of Floribama Shore would be over in-house flings after the last two summers with Nilsa Prowant and Gus Smyrnios. But this summer, things have been heating up between two different people.

When Mattie Breaux came to visit Smyrnios at the Floribama house, there was an instant connection between her and Jeremiah Buoni but neither one of them seemed to want to cross that line from fun to something more serious.

Mattie Breaux and Jeremiah Buoni
Mattie Breaux and Jeremiah Buoni

So, what’s going on with Breaux and Buoni now?

The beginning of Mattie and Jeremiah’s relationship

Breaux joined the house in St. Petersburg after Kortni Gilson had to leave to get her tonsils removed. She and Smyrnios had met previously on The Challenge so she was able to come into the house through that relationship.

Her immediate connection with Buoni was completely unexpected.

“I had no intentions of going into this house and having chemistry with anyone,” she told HollywoodLife. “But with Jeremiah…we were both into fitness, and I really liked that aspect of him.”

Their relationship really solidified when she didn’t choose sides during Smyrnios and Buoni’s feud. Instead, she comforted Buoni when the rest of the house seemed to be against him.

“Jeremiah and I grew a lot closer because of everything going on with Gus,” Mattie explained. “I really liked that he was able to be so open with me and comfortable telling me about his feelings. So many guys from the south are so hardcore, and they won’t open up like that. I felt very comfortable talking with him. He really intrigued me. So, he’s not normally the type I would go for, but there was definitely chemistry.”

Mattie and Jeremiah take things to the next level

The two had been tip-toeing around a relationship for a while, but Breaux wanted to make sure that it was something that she really wanted before jumping in.

 “I’m always up for opinions, but I’m also a grown a** woman,” she said. “I was open to hearing everyone out, but I’ve seen it all, so I just kind of do my own thing. I do take caution, though. Gus was like…this is how he is and this is what he puts on, but let me tell you some stories. So I heard him out. I spoke with Aimee [Hall], Nilsa [Prowant] and Codi [Butts]. I kept that all in the back of my mind, but I also just wanted to be open to new things. I don’t really date or do anything like that because I don’t usually allow people in. So I’m like…I’m just going to let him in.”

At the end of the Jan. 16 episode, the two finally took things to the next level and went home together. So, it looks like we may be in for a hot summer between these two.

How does the rest of the cast feel about the relationship?

Though the cast has had their fair share of drama with in-house relationships in the past, everyone seems on board with Breaux and Buoni.

“No one loves a good beach house romance like me,” Provant said on the show. “So as soon as I see Mattie and Jeremiah just beeline toward each other, I’m like, ‘Yeah! Go, giraffes, go!’” 

And Kirk Medas wasn’t opposed to the union either.

“Jeremiah and Mattie are feelin’ each other,” he said. “And I’m happy for Jeremiah. It’s almost like you take the training wheels off the bike for your child, and you finally let go and they pedal and it goes straight.”