‘Floribama Shore’: Will Mattie and Jeremiah Remain Friends?

The third season of Floribama Shore has come and gone. Season three brought with it plenty of alcohol-induced arguments, stuffed-crust pizza deliveries, and a surprise beach house romance. 

During season three, Mattie Lynn Breaux, of Party Down South and The Challenge fame, assumed the role of Kortni Gilson, joining in on all the fun that Saint Pete had to offer. That included a fling with roommate Jeremiah Buoni. While their romantic relationship may have crumbled, fans are wondering if Breaux and Buoni will remain friends outside of the beach house. Here’s what we know. 

Mattie Breaux and Jeremiah Buoni
Mattie Breaux and Jeremiah Buoni | Instagram: @floribamashore

Mattie and Jeremiah hit it off 

When Gilson left the house to have her tonsils removed, Gus Smyrnios had the brilliant idea to bring his friend and Challenge co-star into the mix. Breaux had a positive attitude that seemed to elevate everyone else in the house, especially after the altercation Smyrnios and Buoni had gotten into early on. Breaux especially vibed with Buoni. 

Feeling as though she was the only one taking his side, Buoni took to Breaux quickly, too. They went on a few dates together and spent many a night sleeping in the same bed. Despite their physical attraction towards one another, whatever relationship the two had came crumbling down during the two-part finale of season three. 

What happened with Mattie and Jeremiah’s relationship?

During the finale, Buoni explained to Breaux that he didn’t want to pursue a long-distance relationship. Breaux was initially upset about the situation and also frustrated with herself, saying she felt like she was “…hit with a god-dang truck.” 

Eventually, Breaux came to understand that she and Buoni had both miscommunicated with each other, and their intentions got jumbled along the way. “I think, on both sides, there was a lot of misunderstanding,” Breaux told Jeremiah during the finale. 

Even though she was embarrassed that she had fallen for someone who didn’t feel the same way, Breaux didn’t leave the beach house angry about the situation. 

Will Mattie and Jeremiah stay friends? 

At the conclusion of Floribama Shore’s third season, Breaux said that she doesn’t want to end her summer on a bad note. She recalled being welcomed into the house by everyone, but attributed enjoying her time there “because of him [Jeremiah].” 

They both left the beach house on good terms. Breaux went on to say to Buoni: “I still find you a good friend, and I don’t want to lose that.” He reciprocated those sentiments, recalling how Breaux got him through a “dark time” in the beach house. 

Breaux claimed she would “check [Bouni] out” in Scottsdale, but it’s hard to say whether she meant as a friend or as a love interest. Only time will tell if there are still sparks between the two. 

Will there be another season of ‘Floribama Shore’?  

While fans of the show are hopeful, MTV has yet to confirm if there will be a fourth season of Floribama Shore. The finale of the third season left a few stories open-ended, including whether or not Smyrnios and Buoni will ever truly make up.