‘Floribama Shore’: Will Mattie Lynn Breaux Return for Season 4 of the MTV Series?

Floribama Shore fans are excited about the new season airing on MTV beginning Feb. 25, 2021. Floribama Shore Season 4 promises to entertain, from Nilsa Prowant’s pregnancy to the tension between Gus Smyrnios and Jeremiah Buoni. Still, some fans wonder if The Challenge competitor and Party Down South star Mattie Lynn Breaux will return to the MTV series. 

Maggie McGuffin, Ryan "Daddy" Richards, and Mattie Lynn Breaux
Maggie McGuffin, Ryan “Daddy” Richards, and Mattie Lynn Breaux | Rick Diamond/Getty Images for Pepsi’s Rock The South

‘Party Down South’ made Mattie Lynn Breaux a reality star

Before she became known for competing on The Challenge, Breaux appeared on CMT’s Party Down South in 2014. The series was produced by Jersey Shore production company 495 Productions. At the time, Breaux was a 24-year-old bartender. She lived with seven other adults in a house in the south for the summer. 

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Thanks to Party Down South’s success, Breaux went on to compete in the MTV series The Challenge 33: War of the Worlds in 2019. Floribama Shore star Smyrnios was also a contender that season. Smyrnios and Breaux formed a tight bond that landed her a spot in the Panama City Beach house in Floribama Shore Season 3. 

Mattie Lynn Breaux has multiple public arrests

Before Party Down South came to be, Breaux was arrested in 2012 for drunk-driving. When she failed to appear at her court hearing because of filming for Party Down South Season 2, a bench warrant was issued for Breaux’s arrest in April 2014. 

Later, in August 2019, Breaux crashed her car into a concrete median in Nashville, Tennessee. At the time, Breaux was under the influence of unprescribed hydrocodone and two beers. She was arrested for driving under the influence once again. Breaux was taken to the hospital to treat minor injuries, where she revealed she had two prior DUIs in Louisiana. More than a year later in November 2020, Breaux entered a guilty plea.

After her DUIs, Mattie asks fans to ‘be kind’

Since news of her jail sentence became public knowledge, Breaux has been outspoken on social media about her “mistake.” 

“I am a real person,” she wrote over a teary-eyed photo on her Instagram Stories (via Reddit). “[Normally, I] wouldn’t post this, but this is me, and this is real. I made a mistake and take complete ownership of it! This happened over a year ago, and I’m so ready to put this to rest.” 

“Just be kind. F*ck!” Breaux concluded, frustrated by the messages and tags from fans criticizing her. 

Will Mattie Lynn return for ‘Floribama Shore’ Season 4?

In more recent Instagram Stories, many fans have asked if Breaux will return to reality television. Breaux mentioned being “done with television” in one post.

“She needs encouragement (not praise) to continue seeking help and working on fixing her problems,” a concerned fan said on Reddit. “I really hope she can put the hatred from strangers behind her and improve things.”

Given the challenges she is facing personally and her comments about being done with reality TV, it doesn’t look like Breaux will appear in Floribama Shore Season 4. She’s not seen in the teaser trailer for the new season and she hasn’t been promoting the show on social media like the rest of the cast.At this time, Breaux seems to be focused on her business, Unbothered, and her side hustle on OnlyFans.