Floyd Mayweather Spends Tons of Money Simply Maintaining His Huge Car Collection

Floyd Mayweather is one of the best boxers ever, and not only that, but he’s rich, very rich. In fact, some estimates of his net worth go as high as $1 billion. And, like anyone who has that amount of money,

Mayweather doesn’t mind spending a lot of money on his hobbies. Mayweather’s garage, which includes many exotic supercars, has over 100 cars and is worth tens of millions of dollars. And just like any car, those cars all need maintenance and repairs. 

Floyd Mayweather
Floyd Mayweather Jr. | Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

Some of the cars in Floyd Mayweather’s garage

With that many cars in his collection, it’s not really possible nor worth anyone’s time to list each and every single one of those cars out. Still though, Mayweather’s collection is very impressive. According to The Things, Mayweather is a big fan of Bugatti.

Bugatti makes a lot of expensive supercars and so, Mayweather has spent millions on just his Bugatti collection alone.

For example, Mayweather has several Bugatti Veyrons, which used to be the fastest car in the world. He also has a Bugatti Chiron, which is the successor to the Veyron. Both cars are worth millions apiece, and Mayweather has several of them.

Mayweather is also rumored to be one of the few people who bought the Bugatti La Voiture Noire, which is an even more expensive Bugatti than the Veyron or the Chiron. 

But Mayweather doesn’t just have Bugattis in his garage. Mayweather also has a Rolls Royce Phantom, a McLaren 650S, a Ferrari 458, and a Lamborghini Aventador among other extremely expensive cars.

Expensive to buy, expensive to own

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The cost of maintaining a car can vary by a lot depending on many factors. For example, Toyota, which is known for making very reliable cars, has some of the lowest average maintenance costs on the market. But, a Bugatti isn’t a Toyota, and as such, Mayweather has to spend far more money maintaining his cars than almost anyone else.

For example, The Things said that, for just the Bugattis that Mayweather owns, he spends about $1 million a year on maintenance. There’s a lot of reasons for that, but it mostly comes down to the fact that it’s expensive to take care of an expensive car.

There are many high-end parts that cost a lot of money to fix or replace, and there aren’t many mechanics who are qualified to do the work. In fact, The Things said that Mayweather has to host the mechanics that Bugatti sends over to fix his car issues. 

That’s why routine maintenance can be so costly. The Things said that simple jobs like changing tires or changing the oil costs Mayweather tens of thousands of dollars every year.

For example, Mayweather spends $25,000 on oil changes a year and he spends $33,000 on new tires that he changes very often. On top of that, Mayweather also pays $50,000 in taxes on each Bugatti that he owns every year.

Not too expensive to sell, though

Mayweather likes to customize his cars, but unfortunately for him, that didn’t work out for him when he tried to sell some of his cars. As The Things said, Mayweather bought two Bugatti Veyrons in 2016 for $6.5 million in total. Then, Mayweather tried to sell the cars off at an auction.

Unfortunately, since most cars depreciate in value, Mayweather couldn’t sell his Veyrons at a profit. The highest bid for one of the Veyrons was just $1.9 million, which would mean that Mayweather’s Veyrons lost over 40% of their value. 

That said, Mayweather is still a big Bugatti fan and he still has millions in the bank, so he probably didn’t care that much.