Food Network Fans Really Want ‘Cake Boss’ Buddy Valastro to Stop Talking

If you’ve ever before seen Cake Boss or any of his other shows on Food Network, then you know that Buddy Valastro can be a lot. Though he is one of the biggest names in cakes, Valastro has a tendency to be boastful, booming, and basically just too much. But that’s just the way he is! Isn’t that why people like him?!

Valastro has an Italian heritage and is a funny, opinionated guy from New Jersey so that boisterous charm is actually a huge part of how he got famous in the first place. It obviously is a big part of his brand so it’s no surprise that he brings that same energy to the other Food Network shows that he appears on as a guest, judge, or host.

The problem is, for some fans, Valastro’s whole schtick is really getting to be tiring … so what exactly are foodies saying about Valastro, and why do they want him to just stop talking?

Some think Valastro’s energy is too over the top

Buddy Valastro
Buddy Valastro | Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

For instance, when Valastro appeared on the Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives spinoff show Takeout: Culinary All Stars, fans said that Valastro simply would not stop talking for even a second. They seem to think he has annoying energy and comes off honestly a bit vapid and full of himself.

One commenter over on Reddit even said that they have to fast-forward through the parts of the show he appears on because they’re that sick of hearing his voice. Ouch! Yet another said that if they keep seeing Valastro pop up on everything, they might have to stop watching Food Network entirely. Sure, he gets annoying sometimes, but who knew Valastro was sending so many such a bad vibe?

Nobody wants to see the same person on every show

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A big part of the problem is that Food Network likes to cross-promote their shows, often by having the star of one show appear as a guest or judge on another. This means that no matter what you’re watching on Food Network, there’s a chance that network favorite Valastro could pop up, which means for those who are sick of Valastro, there seems to be no escape.

Some have sympathy for the guy since they say the network treats him almost like a mascot, so he might not have much of a choice about all the guest appearances he ends up making.

Nonetheless, fans have the same complaints about him as a judge that they do about him as a host…he’s loud-mouthed, over-the-top, a bit full of himself, and overall just ends up talking too much. Maybe it’s time that Food Network eased up on using him so much?

Could Valastro have a bit of an attitude problem?

One of the shows mentioned a lot by fans is Buddy vs. Duff, simply because fans seem to think that Duff Goldman comes off way better than Valastro does on that show. For instance, while Goldman seems to be there to have a good time and just celebrate his love of making cakes, Valastro tends to get really competitive and brag a lot about how he’s the greatest.

One fan on Reddit even pointed out that Goldman made a non-traditional wedding cake so beautiful he ended up using it in his own wedding. On the show, he won a wedding cake challenge with that exact cake and Valastro was livid. It seemed as if he couldn’t handle losing on a wedding cake, which is kind of his whole deal, especially one that didn’t look traditional. 

On top of that, when Valastro judges on other Food Network shows, he maybe doesn’t always leave the best impression. Fans have even described him as rude and unwatchable … wow! For this and many other reasons, some Food Network fans really wish Buddy Valastro would take a hint and just sit down and shut up now and then!