Football Fans and Critics Have Mixed Reactions To Beyoncé and Jay-Z Not Standing During The National Anthem At Super Bowl 54

Demi Lovato’s beautiful rendition of the national anthem during the 2020 Super Bowl wasn’t the only thing that got a rise out of viewers. As she belted out America’s anthem, a fan camera recorded Beyoncé and Jay-Z remaining seated as opposed to standing in solidarity, as is usually expected. 

Beyonce and Jay-Z
Jay-Z and Beyonce 2018 |Jose Carlos Fajardo/MediaNews Group/East Bay Times via Getty Images

Such protests have been in effect for years after the rise in police brutality against black and brown people have been widely publicized. While some choose to sit during the song, others kneel in their opposition. Reactions to the Carters’ assumed protest have been mixed, yet the conversation online continues. 

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Critics bash Beyoncé and Jay-Z for not standing during the national anthem 

People had harsh criticism regarding the Carters’ decision to remain seated during the singing of the national anthem and expressed their opinions loudly on Twitter.

#Beyonce and #JayZ are both so obnoxious. I’m embarrassed she’s from Houston,” one wrote.”

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#Beyoncé and #JayZ didn’t stand during the Super Bowl National Anthem to make a statement…I don’t think so, I think they only showed how disgusting they both are,” another declared.

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Another commentator wrote about the disrespect she felt remaining seated represented towards the US military, writing, “Wow! Just… wow. Disgusting. #Beyonce #JayZ. They couldn’t be bothered to stand for our brave men and women.”

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Others praised Beyoncé and Jay-Z for remaining seated during the national anthem

While many were disgusted with the powerhouse couple, others showed their support. 

“Sitting here waiting for trump to tweet some foolishness about #Beyonce and #JayZ so I can watch the #Beyhive deconstruct his entire regime,” a Beyonce fan commented in anticipation of the backlash. 

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#Beyonce and Jay-Z reacting [to] all of Trump Supporters hate after not standing for the national anthem,” wrote one with a meme of someone saying “Don’t care.”

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Another pointed out that Beyonce and Jay-Z were only pinpointed because of their race while others also remained seated.

“Wow! They’re Americans who believe you “have to” stand for the national anthem,” they wrote. “That’s interesting. It’s not true. It’s always been a choice. In other news, no one is mad at the white guy sitting next to them seated during the song? #Beyonce #JayZ #SuperBowl

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Has Beyoncé or Jay-Z made any statements since Super Bowl 54?

Neither Beyoncé nor Jay-Z have commented on their decision to sit during the national anthem. In recent years, Beyoncé has used her art to make a stand with where she stands politically and socially. 

She drew both praise and criticism for her last Super Bowl performance in 2016, in which she and her dancers donned all black and used images and symbols of black power throughout her routine. She famously raised her fist throughout the performance in solidarity of the injustices going on across the country with police brutality and disenfranchised people of color. 

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Criticism came mostly from those who believed her performance was militant and a feeling that the Super Bowl is a place where people of all colors unite. Regardless, her performance has gone down as one of the greatest halftime shows of all time. 

Jay-Z, on the other hand, has been on the receiving hand of on-going criticism and questions for his partnership with the NFL. He has made it known that he intends to incite change from the inside but many are not convinced. 

Beyonce 2016 Super Bowl
Beyonce 2016 Super Bowl |Focus on Sport/Getty Images

It also should be noted that as Lovato sang, Beyoncé swayed as if she truly enjoyed her performance – which gives more insight that her remaining seated has little to do with appreciating the performance and more to do with her political and social viewpoints.