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Every good reality show needs someone who will stir the pot and, according to Avery Solomon, Ilan Luttway was pretty good at doing it on Prime Video‘s Forever Summer: Hamptons.

Solomon and Luttway both agreed that Reid Rubio was the biggest pot stirrer this season. He seemed to be in the middle of everyone’s storyline, playing an eternal game of telephone, sharing gossip with anyone within an earshot. But during a Zoom interview with Showbiz Cheat Sheet Solomon said Luttway managed to get in the middle of some sticky situations – often to his detriment.

Avery Solomon thinks Ilan Luttway was also a big pot stirrer on ‘Forever Summer: Hamptons’

Solomon took Luttway by surprise when she named him one of the biggest pot stirrers this season. “I’m between two [people] right now because I don’t know …I don’t know because … you know my two answers already [laughs],” she said. “I’m acting like it’s a big secret. Probably Ilan and Reid. I feel for two different reasons. I feel like you kind of came in Ilan, with people already more sensitive and ready to fight, so it was easier for you to stir the pot. But I think Reid put in more effort to [stir it].”

Ilan Luttway smiles at a friend on a beach. Avery Solomon smiles during a conversation on 'Forever Summer: Hamptons'
Ilan Luttway and Avery Solomon | Prime Video

Luttway responded and joked, “I appreciate you saying that Avery –” Solomon added, “Oh, you are totally a s*** stirrer!”

Does Ilan Luttway think he stirred the pot this season?

Luttway admitted that he was often in the middle of the drama on Forever Summer: Hamptons. But his perspective was a little different.

“So from my perspective, I think throughout my entire life, I’m not doing anything intentionally,” Luttway explained. “Like my problem has always been saying the things that I feel in the moment and maybe not really doing that all the time. Like, sometimes I just need to keep things in my head, right? But at the end of the day, I was [having] a summer with new people and meeting new people. And we can call that a s*** stirrer whatever.”

“But I would say that it was definitely Reid in that situation because if you look at all the things that I quote unquote got and got in trouble for … the one thing was the very beginning,” he asserted. “Like my comment that Reid spread. I would say that was me and I also think that I took responsibility for that. And I think you’ll see it throughout the show. Other than that, which was at the very beginning, I really don’t think that like there’s anything that I’m starting. More things that are happening around me that I’m getting involved in. So I’m going to go with Reid.”

Who was responsible for getting ‘Forever Summer: Hamptons’ made?

Rubio may have stirred the pot the most this season, but he also was the cast member who sparked producers’ interest in his friend group. “So I was approached through Instagram because two of the cast members, Emelye [Ender] and Reid, had been in contact with some of the producers and execs and everything,” Solomon recalled.

“And they really wanted to have some friendships and storyline shown,” she continued. “So they knew that we were friends. They reached out to me. And honestly, at first, I thought it was fake. I thought it was one of those scams. But I was like, you know what? I’m not doing anything today. Let me answer, see how far I can get, And here I am!”

Reid Rubio talks to someone while working at Dockers
Reid Rubio | Prime Video

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Luttway came in as the “Citidiot” from the outside and said he fell into the opportunity. “I was working an unpaid data science internship and just not really enjoying it,” he recalled. “I was just not really involved in it. I’m a computer science major. So that’s something that I’ve kind of always tried to pursue and continue to want to pursue.”

“I have a mutual friend who goes to (University of) Michigan who texted me thinking like, OK this guy’s probably going to say no, but might as well text as they were texting everyone,” Luttway added. “I got an opportunity to kind of work and get paid to do something fun and do something that was risky, but also something that I thought could be an amazing opportunity. And I’m so happy that I kind of just went for it and just said, f- it, then just go for it. Because I had one of the best summers of my life.”

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