‘Forever Summer: Hamptons’ Cast Didn’t Cancel Frankie After Disturbing Comment – Avery and Ilan Reveal Why [Exclusive]

Prime Video‘s Forever Summer: Hamptons cast proved that a shocking comment doesn’t always mean you get canceled in their group. Frankie Hammer took losing a game of chicken a little too far and snarked that friend Zed Albertini shouldn’t have paired with a “gay boy.”

Frankie was overheard telling Zed, “Why didn’t you chicken fight with me? Why’d you gotta do it with a gay boy?” Zed and Reid Rubio took on Emelye Ender and boyfriend Hunter Hulse in the pool. Zed and Reid went down pretty fast and Frankie’s remark was quickly shut down by other Forever Summer: Hamptons cast members.

“Frankie, relax,” Lottie Evans said to him while looking shocked.

Clearly annoyed, Milo Munshin asked him, “Why would you say that” as he rose to leave poolside. “Frankie that’s not OK.”

‘Forever Summer: Hamptons’ cast were disturbed by the comment

Milo later confided in Reid, sharing that he was disappointed Frankie would even make a comment like that. For his part, Frankie looked embarrassed that he made the remark. But the cast seemed to move on that afternoon. However, gossip spread like wildfire, within the Forever Summer: Hamptons cast recounting the comment and how what he said was completely out of line.

Frankie Hammer smiles on the beach on Forever Summer: Hamptons
Frankie Hammer | Prime Video

Rather than completely shun Frankie that summer in the Hamptons, the Forever Summer: Hamptons cast viewed the remark as a learning moment. Ilan Luttway and Avery Solomon shared with Showbiz Cheat Sheet how the cast handled it and why they did not cancel their friend.

“I would say that’s a big thing that we discussed early on and it’s really big in our age,” Ilan said. “Being careful what you say and not stepping on any toes. And, kids that are our age, especially on Instagram, social media, it’s super scary. It’s super daunting. Like, what if I say this wrong? And what if I do this wrong?”

‘Forever Summer: Hamptons’ cast said it is OK to make mistakes – but also learn from them

“And so I think it was really big for us at the beginning, especially to kind of assert that making mistakes are OK but also taking responsibility for your actions,” Ilan said. “And learning from your mistakes is even more important. Obviously, you’ve seen the show. You’ve seen people making mistakes left and right. But I also think that they do take accountability for their actions.”

Avery said that the Forever Summer: Hamptons cast made mistakes throughout the season, but it was how they reacted that made the difference.

“I really think you can see all of our character growth just as people and you learn,” she said. “Obviously Emelye and I, we’ve been friends since seventh grade. We’ve gone through stuff like tiffs before, but never to that extreme. Because we’re going through this whole new life change that you guys are all seeing along with us and it’s all unfolding with you guys.”

“And I think that’s the coolest part about it,” she added. “And, obviously, I’m sure, once we look back, we’re going to be like, oh, I can’t believe we reacted this way. Or we said that. But in the moment, that was exactly how you want to react.”

Frankie owns the comment on ‘Forever Summer: Hamptons’

Ilan eventually speaks to Frankie about the remark because the Forever Summer: Hamptons cast continued to buzz about it. They have a pretty frank and real discussion about the comment and why he should have never said it. Frankie took ownership and pledged to do better.

“You do see that level of growth, which is what Avery is speaking about,” Ilan reflected. “But by the end of the season, you see that level of growth and you see that level of maturity that’s really kind of established. And I think that’s also a special part about it.”

Forever Summer: Hamptons is currently streaming on Prime Video.

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