‘Forever Summer: Hamptons’: Ilan Was ‘So Utterly Shocked’ When Lottie’s Boyfriend Todd Attacked Him – Reveals if the Couple Is Still Together [Exclusive]

Ilan Luttway from Prime Video‘s Forever Summer: Hamptons was completely shocked when Lottie Evans’ boyfriend Todd came for him at Southampton Social Club.

“I do recall this one night at Southampton Social  that I’ll never forget,” Ilan told Showbiz Cheat Sheet, referring to the attack. Ilan was seen sitting at the bar when Todd suddenly threatened him physically. At this point, Ilan had no idea why Todd was coming for him. But leading up to the party, Lottie told Todd that Ilan was romantically interested in her.

Drinks flowed and Todd was seen becoming angrier and angrier as Ilan sat at the bar having fun with friends. He told Showbiz Cheat Sheet he didn’t see the confrontation coming.

Ilan was ‘utterly shocked’ when Lottie’s boyfriend attacked him on ‘Forever Summer: Hamptons’

Ilan recalled the situation, and said, “I was so utterly shocked. So utterly shocked at everything that was going on. And what the hell was going on. I just remember coming into that day, like I’m tired, I don’t wanna deal with this bulls**. I don’t wanna deal with anything right now.”

Ilan Luttway smiles at someone on the beach. Lottie Evans smiles at a friend on the beach.
Ilan Luttway and Lottie Evans | Prime Video

“And then … just craziness!” he exclaimed. Thankfully Todd and Ilan’s tense confrontation never came to blows. But Todd had to be escorted from the restaurant with Lottie following behind. “Just insanity. So to that extent, we also have that rawness [in the show] that this is just crazy.”

The rest of ‘Forever Summer: Hamptons’ cast were also surprised

Ilan didn’t think the conflict would get physical. And, “I did not perceive it as an option in my mind. Because I wasn’t feeling aggressive. And I’ve never really had that as a man. Like I’ve never really felt the need to be like that. So I did not think it was going to get aggressive. And I was shocked by it. And it was honestly pretty disturbing.”

Avery Solomon, who was also in the interview with Showbiz Cheat Sheet added, “I can’t wait to see all of our reactions. Because it was so pure. I remember I was sitting in the back room just looking like – what is happening! Trying to fill in any blank but I couldn’t.” The entire Forever Summer: Hamptons also looked stunned.

Indeed, the attack seemed to come out of nowhere for most of the cast. But cameras captured Lottie trying to quell Todd’s anger as it built over the course of the night – and after several cocktails.

Are Todd and Lottie still together?

Todd left the club pretty steamed and demanded that Lottie never speak to Ilan again. Forever Summer: Hamptons was filmed a year ago, so has Ilan spoken to Lottie, and are Lottie and Todd still together?

“Lottie and I have not spoken,” he said. “I mean, I don’t expect her to want to speak to me. But I checked in and she’s still with her boyfriend. So I’m really happy for her. So yeah, they’re still together. No comments on that.”

“Obviously I love having my perspective on other relationships,” he continued. “And being judgemental. It’s a toxic quality of mine. But I do wish the best for her looking forward. And I obviously have to wish the best for everyone.”

“I think that situation, I do think it was provoked by her,” he added. “And I think she needs to look in the mirror to re-evaluate.”

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