Former ‘Basketball Wives’ Star Matt Barnes Clears The Air On His Breakup With Anansa Simms

Matt Barnes and Anansa Sims are still feuding over the details of their split. The daughter of Beverly Johnson and plus-sized model now has a restraining order against her NBA champion ex, alleging harassment. Barnes is denying all claims and clearing the air in a recent radio interview.

Matt Barnes and Anansa Sims fallout after they split

The breakup seemed amicable at first until Barnes alluded to not being able to see his son, whom he shares with Sims. 

She shot back and denied that she was keeping their son away from Barnes, also alleging that she had an order of protection against Barnes.

Barnes claimed Sims was using the protective order as a ploy for their upcoming child custody and a visitation court date to work in her favor. They both shared screenshots of texts arranging visitation for their son, with both claiming the other was omitting certain information on their posts. 

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In Barnes’s final Instagram post, he promised to try and keep their issues off of social media and allow the courts to do the work.

Matt Barnes explains why he ended his relationship with Anansa Sims

Barnes spoke with Hollywood Unlocked to clear their air on everything that transpired with Sims. He says their relationship progressed quickly and within just a few months, Sims discovered she was pregnant.

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Barnes says that he and Sims had a serious discussion on the status of their relationship at the time and weighed their options. 

“I was more on the side of, ‘This is fast, is this the right move for us? Our relationship is new,’” he explained. He says Sims responded, “It’ll work.”

Barnes agreed to try with the relationship but after a while, he realized he was unhappy.

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“I really made an effort. I took a family picture. When have you ever seen me in a family picture? I posted her. I just wasn’t comfortable all the time and I just think that as much s**t as I’ve been through and as much money as I’ve lost in court battles and to my ex and as much as I’ve been dragged through the mud and everything – to me I’m to the point where I’m selfish and you have to fit in my game plan, on my path, and go with that or it’s not going to work….I just want to be happy and with so many people dying, me pushing 40, you realize that life is short and it’s important to be happy while you’re here so I left.”

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Matt Barnes says Anansa Sims is being spiteful since he ended their relationship 

Barnes says things were good between the two after they split but says that he believes Sims’s family and friends have encouraged her to act out.

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“I wasn’t perfect but I’m not a bad person…I haven’t done anything to deserve a restraining order. I’m very transparent to a fault and the situation was not a situation that was comfortable for me and my twins anymore and I decided to make a move off of it,” Barnes said. “You can’t break up and go your separate ways anymore – someone’s going to get in their ear – their mom or family members are going to get in their ear and it’s crazy.”

Barnes says that despite how things are currently playing out, he does not want to be enemies with his ex. He praised Sims on being the most supportive woman he’s ever been in a relationship with and is confident that they will eventually get to a better co-parenting space.