Former Buzzfeed Employees Weigh in on Ned Fulmer Cheating Scandal: Some Are Not Surprised

Ned Fulmer’s cheating scandal has taken over the internet. Allegations of the former The Try Guys member cheating on his wife surfaced on Reddit several weeks ago. Still, Fulmer just announced that he was stepping back from the company he helped found because he had a “consensual workplace relationship” on Sept. 27. Fulmer, who previously worked at Buzzfeed, has been heavily discussed since releasing his statement. The Try Guys fans were shocked by the cheating scandal, but based on what former Buzzfeed employees have implied on Twitter, the news might not have surprised them. Several of his former co-workers have chimed in on the discussion.

Ned Fulmer exits 2nd Try LLC after admitting to cheating on his wife 

On Sept. 27, 2nd Try LLC announced that its founding partner, Ned Fulmer, would no longer be working with the company. Moments later, Fulmer took to Instagram to announce he was stepping back from the company and The Try Guys brand so he could focus on his family after having a “consensual workplace relationship.” The lackluster apology finally put to rest weeks of speculation about Fulmer’s commitment to his marriage. 

Ned Fulmer and Ariel Fulmer attend the 2016 Miss USA pageant
Ned Fulmer and Ariel Fulmer | Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Earlier in September, rumors of Fulmer’s wondering eye began to spread across Reddit. Shortly before the initial announcement was made, a Redditor who is believed to be the fiancee of Fulmer’s alleged affair partner, Alexandria Herring, shared screenshots proving Fulmer and Herring were seen hooking up while on a business trip to New York. The screenshots came after fans noticed Fulmer was missing from promotional material and appeared to have been edited out of recent videos. 

Fulmer married Ariel Fulmer in 2012. The couple has two children. Herring, who has yet to confirm her involvement in the affair, is engaged to a man she dated for 10 years. Her fiancee has since deleted his social media accounts. Herring is an associate producer for 2nd Try LLC. 

Several former Buzzfeed stars weighed in on the controversy 

Maya Murillo, a former Buzzfeed content creator, was among the first to weigh in on the scandal. Moments after the news that Fulmer had cheated on Ariel Fulmer with an employee broke, Murillo took to Twitter to say she wasn’t surprised.  

Murillo later deleted the tweet. She addressed why she opted to delete it in another post. Murillo said, “today was a wild one and I value my peace so that’s why I deleted that tweet. I also just don’t like that energy & feel bad for the ones who hurt, and my lil tweet was contributing to nothing.” 

Devin Lytle, who has been outspoken about how Buzzfeed treated its content creators, also weighed in on the Fulmer cheating scandal. She said, “2022: the year we realized that wife guys are still guys.” Lytle left the company in 2020 to pursue other ventures. Kristin Chirico, another popular Buzzfeed content creator, noted that she had spoken to more people from her former job in eight hours than in years. 

Chirico opted not to give her opinion on Fulmer but stated that she, personally, was uncomfortable making her relationship her entire identity. Chirico’s wife, Brie, has been featured multiple times on her YouTube channel. Chirico launched a YouTube channel with business partner Jenn Ruggirello, after the duo left Buzzfeed. Ruggirello hasn’t weighed in on the Ned Fulmer cheating scandal. 

‘The Try Guys’ are staying quiet about Ned Fulmer’s cheating scandal 

While 2nd Try LLC. issued a public statement announcing Fulmer’s departure after a thorough internal investigation, the actual members of the group have not commented on the scandal. Keith Habersberger, Zach Kornfeld, and Eugene Lee Yang have opted not to comment directly about the situation, but not everyone connected to 2nd Try LLC is staying quiet.

Zach Kornfeld, Eugene Lee Yang, Ned Fulmer, and Keith Habersberger of 'The Try Guys' attend the Knott's Berry Farm kick off preview party l
Zach Kornfeld, Eugene Lee Yang, Ned Fulmer, and Keith Habersberger | Joe Scarnici/Getty Images for Knott’s Berry Farm

Jake LaRosa took to TikTok to throw shade at Fulmer on the morning of Sept. 27. in the video, LaRosa sat at a table sipping a cup of coffee, holding Ned and Ariel Fulmer’s date night cookbook. The caption noted he wanted to wish a good morning to everyone except “Adam Levine, John Mulaney and…” Both Adam Levine and John Mulaney were accused of cheating on their wives relatively recently. LaRosa worked as the social media manager for the company until Sept. 23. 


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Becky Habersberger, Keith Habersberger’s wife, hasn’t issued an official statement, but she did retweet the company’s announcement of Fulmer’s departure. She also went on to like at least one tweet supporting Ariel Fulmer. Becky and Ariel worked together as co-hosts on You Can Sit With Us, a podcast hosted by Ramble. Herring, Fulmer’s alleged affair partner, has yet to issue a statement.