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Former Hollywood publicist Amir Yass says he has had the sweetest experiences working with some of the highest-profile names in the industry. In fact, A-list celebrities like Michael B.Jordan, Donald Glover, Jennifer Lopez, and more are some of the most down-to-earth people in the business.

Michael B. Jordan attends the presentation of Creed 2
Michael B. Jordan attends the presentation of Creed 2 |BorjaB.Hojas/COOLMedia/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Yass’s “Corny-Ass Celebs I’ve Worked For” TikToks recounts his encounters working with a slew of stars ranging from getting love from the Kardashians at a red carpet event to comedian Nicole Byer who he describes as “fabulous.”

Although he’s touched on some of his celebrity interactions on TikTok, Showbiz Cheat Sheet wanted additional details on his encounters and Yass was more than happy to spill.

Michael B. Jordan would get pizza delivered to his house for basketball great Michael Jordan

“Every day we would get pizzas delivered to his house for Michael Jordan, the basketball player,” Yass recalls when he worked on actor Michael B. Jordan’s management team. “People would like to prank him. We’d get a lot of fan mail from Japan especially, drawing pictures of Michael Jordan. So it was really funny, I loved going through the fan mail.”

“So I ended up kind of being like his right-hand man,” Yass says. “I was in my early twenties and was quite young, he was becoming more and more famous. He was quite gracious, I spent a lot of time in his house and he was moving. A lot of people don’t know but managers help you move as well. But he was a really gracious, down to earth person.”

“He’d walk around the house in his boxers and no shirt on and he had that Creed body,” he recounts. “I was being professional, but he was very flirtatious as a person and he flirts with everyone. But he was very playful and his family lived with him.” Yass also remembers Jordan’s BMW sustained a scratch and how Jordan stressed about the ding. “We were in a meeting with like 15 people and I’m like, ‘Just buy a new car, you just got a $4 million check!'” he laughed.

Yass also says most celebrities don’t carry cash when they go out. “We went to a dinner and he ordered a bunch of stuff on the menu and I had to pay for it because a lot of A-list celebrities don’t carry cash,” he said. “Actually, the manager pays. So I got reimbursed but I was getting paid like $10 an hour and I paid like $1,500 for dinner.”

These big-name celebrities were down to earth too

“I did a celebrity photoshoot with J. Lo [actor/singer Jennifer Lopez],” Yass says. “I got to be on set with J. Lo. She was wonderful. It was a nine-hour shoot and she was so nice to everyone and so gracious. She wanted a bunch of candles and cold water. But she wasn’t a diva or anything, she was absolutely wonderful.”

Actor Donald Glover insisted on getting his own coffee. “I didn’t have a whole lot of interaction with him but just a couple of times, I remember he was like, ‘You’re older than me, don’t make me a coffee, I’ll make it myself.’ He was very down to earth,” Yass says.

He also recalls how Melissa McCarthy was extremely generous with her lifetime supply of chocolate. “She has a lifetime supply with some chocolate company,” he says. “And she really didn’t like chocolate so we always had chocolate in the office.”

He says these realities stars couldn’t be nicer

Yass is a huge Scheana Shay stan from Vanderpump Rules. “Scheana is wonderful,” he says. “She’s really great, so gracious. She was at the opening at TomTom and was absolutely wonderful.” He’s also so here for Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval, also from Vanderpump Rules. “Schwartz especially, he’s a cuddler, he will just come up and hug you,” Yass says.

Another famous reality team he loved was Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie. He worked with them when they were shooting the series The Simple Life. “I did L.A. Fashion Week and they were walking in the fashion show,” he says. “So I had to be backstage with them. And they were like, ‘You’re one hot b*tch!’ Everything you’d want from them. Paris was like, ‘I wanna put you in my pocket and walk around and you’d just come out when I need you.’ They were just everything you’d want from a celebrity.”


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Years later, he bumped into Richie. “And she remembered me, she was like, ‘Hi girl!’ She’s very nice, very friendly. And then when I was walking away she was like, ‘Yas, hot b*itch!'” Yass dishes about celebs and more on his podcast, The Take On.