Former ‘Love & Hip Hop’ Star Amina Buddafly on Peter Gunz Being in a Relationship When They Began Dating – ‘I Didn’t Care’

Amina Buddafly’s messy love triangle with Peter Gunz and Tara Wallace was documented over four seasons on Love & Hip Hop. Buddafly admits being in love with Gunz blinded her decision-making. Thankfully, she says the experience taught her to not settle in relationships.

Peter Gunz and Amina Buddafly - Peter Gunz and Tara Wallace
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Amina Buddafly and Peter Gunz married while Gunz was living with another woman

The German-born singer began dating Gunz while he was still living with and dating his longtime girlfriend, Tara Wallace. At the time, Wallace and Gunz had been together for 13 years and shared two children.

Buddafly says Gunz wasn’t fully truthful about his situation with Wallace. She says there were always other women surrounding Gunz.

During one sitdoen between Buddafly and Wallace, Buddafly tells Wallace, “The reason why back then I really believed him when he said y’all were broken up [is] because of the way he was acting,” she said. “He was down there at my job all the time. I was with my boyfriend…I never asked Peter, ‘Who is this’ [other woman he was with].’ There was always another woman. Later on when we became closer and talked as friends, he’d even tell me about those relationships.”

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Despite the red flags, Buddafly says she fell in love with Gunz. Even though she had a gut feeling he wasn’t being honest about Wallace, she told Tasha K in a recent interview that she ignored it.

“Yes [he was still with Tara] and I wasn’t clear on that and I didn’t care at the time, stupidly,” she admits.

The singer says her marriage to Peter Gunz made her set higher standards in her dating life

Gunz and Buddafly eventually had a daughter together, but he continued his relationship with Wallace. Buddafly says her final straw with Gunz came after she terminated a pregnancy, only to discover that Wallace was expecting Gunz’s child. 

Buddafly did become pregnant again but was checked out of the marriage. In order to fully rid herself of Gunz and not continue the cycle, she moved across the country. She told Showbiz in a 2020 interview:

I called the moving company and arranged everything and two weeks later I was on the plane. I went to LA previously and looked at places but nothing was set in stone. I had to hit rock bottom and know things were irreparable between Peter and me before leaving. I was unsure on the plane as I traveled from New York to Cali but I knew I had to do it. It was the hardest decision but it was the best decision.

Amina Buddafly
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Now Gunz says she’s free from Gunz totally, and hasn’t been intimate with him in five years. She’s enjoying the dating process, though admits it’s difficult balancing motherhood and her career. 

One thing she takes from the drama with Gunz is not allowing herself to be undervalued in a relationship.

“With that experience, I learned I would never do that again,” Buddafly says. “I would never continue dealing with someone where I’m not sure of certain things…I’m so much more about communication, asking questions, talking about things, knowing the intentions from both parties…My standards are higher and I don’t allow anything close to what I allowed with him.”