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Prince Harry is sometimes portrayed as someone who just goes along with whatever he’s told to do. Some royal commentators suggest the Duke of Sussex was influenced by Meghan Markle to leave the royal family and start a new life in the United States. However, Grant Harrold, a former royal butler, says Harry isn’t easily swayed.

Harrold gave an inside look at what Harry was like when he was younger. According to Harrold, Harry was “always strong-willed.” He says Prince Harry is a man who is capable of making his own decisions and that Meghan had nothing to do with him stepping away from royal life.

Grant Harrold says Harry isn’t going about things the right way

Prince William and Prince Harry walk side-by-side.
Prince William and Prince Harry | Yui Mok – WPA Pool/Getty Images

Harrold says he feels for Harry and what he has experienced. He understands his desire to reconnect with King Charles and Prince William. However, Harrold doesn’t believe the duke is handling the situation in the best way.

“The situation is horrible,” Harrold tells GB news host Dawn Neesom. “I feel a little bit for Harry. I knew him. But also, seeing he wants his father and brother back, I understand what he is trying to say, I get where he is coming from. I don’t think they’re going the right way about doing that.”

Prince Harry was always ‘strong-willed’ says Grant Harrold


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Harrold doesn’t believe Meghan is responsible for Harry’s decision to step back from royal duties. Rather, he says Harry is strong-willed and does what he wants to do.

“I don’t think Meghan pushed him out of the royal family,” says Harrold. “The Harry that I knew was a very strong-willed character. He did things that he wanted to do.”

“Obviously there have been reports that he was looking for a way out; I was never aware of that when I was there,” Harrold continues. “But of course, as he became a working member of the royal family, maybe it wasn’t what he wanted to do. But I think it would be his choice, but obviously he would consult his wife and family on that.”

Many are wondering what’s next for Meghan and Harry. They seem to be re-telling their story without a clear path in mind. At this point, it has just been a string of tell-alls.

“The whole thing is really sad,” says Harrold.  “I’ve always talked about the end game, I wonder what the end game is. He’s telling us he would like his father and brother back. They were very close. I believe that. But I don’t think they’re going the right way about doing this.”

Megyn Kelly says it’s best for the palace not to respond

During her broadcast, Megyn Kelly says she understands why it’s best for the palace to remain silent on the recent allegations. According to her, a response will just make things worse.

“You can’t go tit for tat on this kind of thing because you lose,” says Kelly. “Any attention to them, any response by the palace, will be welcomed with open arms by Meghan and Harry. It’s just another day in the news cycle. So, I understand the palace’s instincts to just ignore these small people who right now are just trying to make a dime on their association with William [and] Charles.”

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